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Cris Carter has been such a big part of the Minnesota offense for many years. I was thinking he would retire. I was perplexed and disappointed when I found out that he did not want to stay. I was amazed when he wanted to become a Ram and speechless when he wanted to become a Brown. The most diappointing part is how he has done all of this. He claims to be this "man of God" and he has acted like a spoiled brat. Not a very good reflection for someone who says he trys to be a good influence.
Now maybe he wants to come back? I'm not sure I want him back. The retirement idea looks better to me now than anything but he will be leaving on a sour note with himself with the way he has handled this offseason. He leaves us and is willing to sign himself away and now he may want to be a Viking again...right now...I don't think so. As the commercial says, "You better show me something" Cris. I don't want you if you're going to be like that.
Oh well, we shall see.
Just remember, be a Vikings fan first and a player fan second. There is no "I" in "Team".

Gene "Norseman" Ramsay
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