View Full Version : ok these are my venting points

11-14-2004, 07:42 PM
ok first off how does GB get the call for the fumble on the kickoff. We went into the scrum with the ball (Ross) and came out of it with the ball (Ned) how the hell does that equal their ball. Also our defense looks horrible, i know we stood them up at the end but honestly another 2 missed interceptions and a soft as butter line giving up over 200 yards rushing. We have two hard losses by three points apeice which totally sucks but to look at it honestly we put ourselves in this position each week and we are NOT the division champs and are not playing like it. A game has 4 quarters not two and we need to play as such. lso are punting and kickoffs are horrible and need to be dealt with. Ok im done feel free to chime in.