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06-06-2003, 11:28 AM

06-06-2003, 11:28 AM
McCombs not sold on selling Vikings

Vikings owner Red McCombs said Tuesday he might not accept an offer to sell the team even if a suitable one arises.

"I never said I would definitely sell," McCombs said. "Right now we're not putting any efforts into selling this team. Right now we're all focused on the product we're going to put on the field.'

McCombs hired JP Morgan Chase in April 2002 to broker possible deals and said selling always is an option. He has received at least two offers.

On Monday, McCombs sold Vikings Food Services, a Bloomington-based catering service he bought as part of the package when he purchased the team five years ago. McCombs said the move was not a precursor to selling the Vikings.

"Selling a sandwich maker is different from selling (Chris) Hovan,' he said. "They're not related.'

McCombs said he remains encouraged by Gov. Tim Pawlenty's support for a new Vikings stadium. Still, he said the possibility of eventually trying to relocate the team to Los Angeles remains a possibility.

"That could be more long term,' he said. "I'm not putting a lot of effort into anything other than getting this team on the field this season at this point.'