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Way of the topic i spose but i see CBS has had its Fantasy Football Draft, a Huge League, one with alot of Pros.

16 rounds, 12 players, thats MASSIVE, 10 rounds is normal!!

Anyway Check it out, damm intresting


There all Pros right?, hell i coulda dominated that Draft, a few bad picks......

Fred Taylor at no 11, Bennet 14, Garner 16, Gonzo at 30, Ship at 28 and E Smith at 123, Joke?, Kliensasser Drafted Before Byron?, Packers D went at 155, vikes went undrafted, Garcia going 71 is the worst though, Doug Jolley went about 8 picks before him even. Garcia is a top 5 Fantasy QB!!!, hell i could go on and on in this

Vikings Drafted

14. Bennet.... REAL REACH
20. Moss ..... Nice pick, 3rd WR after Owens and Marvin
29. Daunte..... tad early
91. Moe... Warner went 94?, WTF, moe is a FA in FF, JOKE!!
169. Jimmy... 1 TD in his 2002 breakoutseason get this?, NO
182. Bates.. Great great Sleeper pick at 182
183. Chamberlian... Nice pickup here, top 3 FF TE in 2001

Moe and Jimmy should never be drafted!!!

In a 16 round league i would Draft the vikings Kicker i think

So this Board is having a league this year right?, Im in..., i think a 12 team league would suit. If some of you guys have never played Fantasy Football you a really missing out, it might sound a little kiddish but its not, Its Real real Fun and you will find your self going nuts on it, PLAY...