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Personally I am not too happy with our 1st round pick Kevin Williams. We should have taken Suggs. 24 sacks how do You pass that up??? Tice better prove us wrong with taking Williams. As far as our 2nd round pick EJ Henderson he was a steal because he can learn from Beikert so he can take over MLB when Beikert retires. 3rd round pick Nate Burleson was in my opinion was a waste. We have Bates,Campbell,Alexander,Walsh. We did not need another WR at this pick. We should have taken a CB with the 3rd round pick like Weathersby or whoever was a decent CB avaliable. The 4th round pick was a good one with Onterrio Smith. We at least got a good kick returner out of the deal but I think he is better than that cause he can come in for Bennett when he needs a breather and keep up the same momentum as if Bennett was in there. Now I dont know what we will with the two 6th round picks hopefully there are a couple decent guys avaliable. We still need a good DE,CB,or Safety unless Tice and his big surprise after the draft is Sammy Knight or Kwame Lassiter or even Tony Brackens if he is released.

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