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After a long day and the most crazy draft i have ever seen ive come up with a Grade of a very lucky C for the vikings Efforts in the Draft. Lots will think they deserved a better grade but we coulda done better with a more prepared staff and a few lucky breaks.

no7(9)= Kevin Sullivan, DT :http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/players/draft/394692

Thats a name ive hardly said or typed at all because i wasnt expecting that or wanting that at all come draft time. I was wanting Suggs(still do) but expecting Kennedy all along and it seemed it would all fit after the texans took johnson then the Cards-Saints trade took place. Leaving us with Suggs and kennedy i thought tice woulda been up there in a flash in excitment and took Suggs and let us all start dancing, instead he Stuffs around for 15 mins and turns our whole pick into a shambles. In the end He got the player he wanted all along though, So im happy with that since Tice and Crew knew this guy was the best DT for our Scheme. They after all do know alot mroe than we do. Kennedy seems to slow for most teams now, not a pass rush and his s real chance at being a big fat dud in 2 years time, no real motor like Sullivan who is alot smaller but has hight but can mount a Pass rush from the inside. My biggest fear his his size, hes only a mear 304 pounds, very muscular ive read and will grow, i hope so!! Overall im really quite happy with this pick even though i wanted other players at the time and still want suggs now ill support the staff on there desion and can see very well why they took this guy.I am Sullivans new biggest fan!, whos kennedy? :)

no 40 = EJ Henderson, MLB :http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/players/draft/394379

This Guy could very well be better than our first overall pick. A Real nice Linebacker who if can stay healthy will really be a great addtion to our team. Thing is, i want him to play as much as possible, any fan wants this from his 2nd rounder, we have lots of LB's but i think we gotta get him in there for some plays, Course he will play special teams but hes way to good for that, He Could even be traded when you think about it?, im not sure, What ever we do, i just want him to be used in the vikings, not a wasted talent. Nice pickup though.

no 71 = Nate Burleson, WR : http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/players/draft/394560

Really i dont have a clue on this guy, Never heard the name at all to be honest. Sounds European even?, anyway. Hes a 6-1 197lbs WR who has a nice little scout report. Sounds like hes quite powerfull and can catch alot of balls with some nice speed. Really he looks like hes just going to be filtered into the WR's somewhere depending on his Camps. I really really Hope this guy is a Big Sleeper and can play no2 wideout, that would be a dream. but i have a Feeling he might be used on Special teams or something to return some kicks maybe.

like i said, i give the draft a C because mainly we could of had a extra 4th and 6th rounder if Tice was on the ball and because we diddnt get a lucky opening in the 3rd, we are missing a Pass rushing end still i feel

looking towards tommorow, If we can get Weathersby i will be VERY Happy indeed with this draft because i like his Future. He is a chance, i think 7 teams have to pass him up for us to get him, Hell trade all our remaining picks to get to the top of the 4th round, see if i care, cause i dont. We wont find much if anything late in this draft since its a weak one, a punter will be taken somewhere though. Remember we dont have a 5th rounder, but have 2 6th's thanks to Bouman. Take Dorsey in the 6th if we can also.

1 more thing, Rien Long hasnt been Drafted, i saw him in a heap of first round mocks, diddnt he win some big award?, amazing...

Anyway, Good to get all of the buildup and mocks out of the way and now its time to throw some jerseys on our new Warriors and hope the can help the vikes dominate on sundays

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