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10-12-2004, 09:31 AM
I was just reading an article on vikingupdate and it was talking about how Tice was saying that even though we almost lossed the game, we had 11 starters out and it was a credit to the team that we won. I agree completely that it is awesome to win with practically half your team out and that a win is a win, but weren't all of the same guys out when we were up 21-0? If those same guys could stop the Texans into the 3rd quarter, why not continue until the finish. I can see 10, 14 points, but 28? Come on..something needs to be adressed. I know I seem like a Bill Belichek ass licker, but what do you think he would tell his guys if they almost lossed a game they were dominating by 3 TDS in the third? Im kind of getting sick of Tice always saying, "good job guys, we won." We played the TEXANS..a decent, but not close to good football team. We are supposed to be one of the top 5 teams in the league - this should have been a cake walk. We won on the road, we won on grass, we won with 11 starters out, great. But there comes a point where winning with those circumstances (maybe not the 11 players down) should not be celebrated, but expected. We have to go on the road to Indy in a few weeks...and we better toughen up. I think it starts with the coach.

Del Rio
10-12-2004, 09:36 AM
Tice seems to be more concerned with being friends with the players then being the coach. He was right in saying it was a good win, but I credit that to an outstanding effort by Pepper.

10-12-2004, 10:28 AM
Well actually the Vikings lost three players to injury during the game.

10-12-2004, 10:55 AM
We played so well in the first half yesterday that I thought we were seeing the first signs of the Vikes coming together and playin great team ball despite injuries, etc. Then in the second half, we let up on defense...maybe due to player mentality, or maybe Cotrells calls, I dont know. All I know is I want to see a blow out Sunday night in New Orleans!

10-12-2004, 11:31 AM
Well, what I saw, and I DO need to see this again, lol, without fastforwarding cause I need to sleep, before my other job doesn't match this. Remember the eagles game? First half we have a balanced attack. Second, all we do is pass. If the chips are down, we do NOT run the ball. The offense looses rythym, imo. I didn't see shots of Linehan in the box on either game, but does he dance like Martz on the sideline? MM was averaging 5 yards a carry, and all we wanna do is pass? It seemed like the o line was tired. Ummm, wait? You run the ball to tire out the defense, then it gets to the fourth quarter, and you don't ram it down thier throat? HUH? I didn't see the defense play worse in the fourth quarter, mind you the Texans made some plays, they played the same. But they played an aweful lot more, simply from the 3 and outs. Why three and outs? It didn't seem like the same play calling to me. Change is good, but as TMQ says, dance with the one who brung ya'. 56 passes in a game is just too many. The line had a rough time protecting in the last quarter. But thats all they did was protect with a token run thrown in for kicks. No dominate, set the tempo, kick their butt, like in the first half. Pass, pass, pass. And Tice should congratulate the team. That was a good win on the road. Everyone would liked that to have been better, but that was not a win to rip on them for. Anyone remember Red last year? How much good did he do after the Giants loss? What purpose woulda been served by ripping on them for a good win away from home. Belichek would rip on them or praise them, for a reason, not to "try to be a good coach". Probably he did that for a reason.

10-12-2004, 11:40 AM
Dave McGinnes, the old Cardinals coach was well respected by the players, a very likable guy, but that was not getting the job done.
I feel the players can respect a coach that has playing experience, especially in the same league...but players need to understand their own roles, and if they are not meeting there expectations...time to mix it up.
A good example, look at all the early round draft picks by the Cardinals that didn't pan out on that team, traded and are now superstars on other teams. Must be a coaching philosophy or the teamates. Here in Phx. the front office seems to take alot of blame.
I respect Tice, and I hope he is lighting a fire under some...if not, who is to blame!!

10-12-2004, 02:59 PM
It was a good win, no doubt. I just look at Coughlin in NY and see how he turned that team around with his own attitude towards the game. Last year, they looked lethargic on defense and now their D is playing with just as much intensity as the O...we need to do that as well. We need to have that attitude that if the O doesnt get it done all the time (which 99% of the time they do), the D will take over the game and give it everything. I feel like our defense gives up at that point.