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Living in Green Bay and being a Vikings fan is great. They think Favre is god and everyone else on the outside of Green Bay knows he is on the downside. Look at his last 4 games of last year. Roughly 13 INT's(including playoffs) and 4 touchdowns. So this brings me to say is that I can't wait for the Vikings to open the NEW Lambeau with a Packer A$$ kicking.

One more thing, the Packers have no depth on defense and they are really worse off than most people think if they don't read Green Bay newspapers everyday. How can a team have 80 million dollars invested on 3 people on the D-line. They overpaid for Cletidus Hunt and will have Biamila for only 3 years, with the final years being backloaded.

The Vikings have been smart this offseason. Not only have they resigned their own, they have added possilby 4 quality starters through the free agent market. Spending very minimal. Plus another starter will come out of the draft. So the Vikings are in good shape. George O'Leary will do wonders for the defense.

So lets start the Packer bashing, because we all know it will be a long season for the ferry's in Green and Gold.