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12-22-2006, 10:24 PM
This is a funny article that was in my local paper the day of the Vikings Packers game. It is so so true. ;D

Enough is enough. Packers games on TV have become more predictable than conservative talk-radio and every bit as cliched. Forget Christmas. Tonight's game will celebrate Favremas. Without further delay, we offer Vikings fans unable to watch the game the TV crib notes. Read them, repeat it 8-10 times over a three-hour period, and you'll have the gist of it. And you don't even need a clear view of the southern sky.

Steve Jockstrap, color commentator: "He just loves to play the game of football, Tim. Hes's a football player. That's who he is. He told me before the game, 'I can't beleive they are paying me to play this game. I'd play for free.' And you know what? He's telling the truth. If he wasn't playing in the NFL, he'd be playing football in a vacant lot somewhere witha bunch of kids."

Tim Hairspray, play-by-play man: "Drawing up plays in the dirt. That's his style. That's the way he used to do it down in Mississippi growing up. 'Run past the rusted car and cut toward old Mrs. Wilson's cow.' That's country style football. And that's what Brett Favre is, just an ol' country boy from the bayou playing football. Bonnie, do you have a report?"

Bonnie Botox, sideline reporter: "Brett Favre told me this week that retirement might be in his plans after this season, but it might not. He said he hasn't decided yet. Brett told me he's going to weigh all his options after the season and then he might tell everybody what he might do. Brett told me he would prefer Green Bay, but if the Packers dont want him he would either retire or play somewhere else. He said hes still having fun, but he might want to spend more time with his family. Guys, back to you."

Tim: "Whoa...Favre intercepted by Darren Sharper. Throwing on the run, across his body, off his back foot, left-handed, upside down, into triple coverage to a reciever who had fallen down three seconds earlier... what and effort! What an amazing throw by Favre!"

Steve: "You can't fault the effort, Tim. That's Brett's fifth interception of the day and 1,879th of the season, but he's just trying to make something happen. People question Favre, whether he should make some of the throws he makes, but you can't question his guts. He's a gunslinger. A riverboat gambler. He knows he has to be special for his team to win, that he has to make big plays, and thats what winners do. He's a football player and football players try to make football plays."

Bonnie: "Guys, Brett just approached the reciever who was triple covered and took the blame for the interception. He told the reciever, 'I thought I could thread it through the six hands, under three armpits and through the safety's facemask to get it to you. I was just trying to make something happen. My bad.'

When Brett was finished the reciever looked at me and said, 'Who am I to question him? He's a Hall of Famer.' Brett Favre is a class act."

Tim: He's dripping class. He bleeds class. When Brett sneezes, class comes out his nose. When Brett dies and they cut him open for the autopsy, they won't find any organs. All they'll find is class stuffed inside that body. They'll have to expand heaven for Brett because there isn't enough room for all that class."

Steve: "He just loves to play the game of football, Tim. He's a football player. That's who he is. You know, Brett told me before the game..."

12-22-2006, 10:34 PM
omg that is too funny. i cant believe i lived through last night. that is probably the most i have ever heard anybody talk about one thing.

12-22-2006, 10:37 PM
When Favre came to see Mariuchi, I thought it was going to be the start of Brokeback Mountain 2.
That was awful.

12-22-2006, 10:40 PM
Just a small segment of the favre man-love out there. So true. pretty fricking hillarious.

12-22-2006, 11:07 PM
Great prediction on the Farve Sharper INT.

That was funny...thanks for posting it.


12-23-2006, 10:43 AM
"WVV" wrote:

When Favre came to see Mariuchi, I thought it was going to be the start of Brokeback Mountain 2.
That was awful.
I could not believe that. That was so stupid that Mooch was tearing up and stuff over Favre hugging him. wow ::)

12-23-2006, 12:52 PM
good articlw we need more news pieces like that.. but it is true watching that "game" if you could call it that they made it sound like he was about to be struck down by a lightning bolt and taken away by the football gods it really is sickening. now we have to put up with this crap for another 5 years