View Full Version : poor ol packers, u gotta feel sorry for them

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lol, these guys are having a Nightmare Offseason

Now with this whole Nial Diggs thing coming out i got thinking. Packers really look BAD!!, we always say it but now they REALLY look hopeless!!!

Tyrone williams, Nial Diggs, Nate Wyane, KJB and holliday seem like there leaving aswell, add billy lyon into this aswell i spose who seems to be quite wanted from these teams for some reason we dont yet know. Thats Lisintng most of there top D players right there, there all GONE!! They did get Al harris outa a trade though but this also lost them a Draft pick they needed bad. There are probably more players ive missed aswell, more the merrier

Also, they are gonna be gutted after the exit outa last season at holme and i think Farves Injurys will catch up and hes bound to play worse or even miss a game, somethings got to give here. there Receiving corps is one of the worst in the NFL, Driver is a 1 year wonder outa no where im telling you, kinda like how Glenn had that big year, well they lost glenn aswell i just remembered, Ahman green is a stud though i will say that, thats all they have i tell you. they wanted to draft a QB but now i think they are going to need to get some impact player in right NOW!!

im serious when i say the packers might fight for 3rd in the NFC north this year with the bears

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