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11-05-2006, 06:07 PM
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Give me your three points of analysis as mentioned in the title.
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11-05-2006, 06:08 PM
The Good: Our defense kept us in the game the whole day.
Our front four was brilliant, and we didn't let up a touchdown all day.
The Bad: Brad Johnson.
Seriously, it is time for Tarvaris Jackson.
We are obviously not getting any better.
Sure you can have a bad day, but not against the worst defense in the NFL.
The Ugly: Troy Williamson.
Your kidding me.
He dropped that?
We gave up what for him?
Randy Moss?
Sounds like we need to go shopping this offseason.

11-05-2006, 06:14 PM
haven't been around a lot but uh?
analysis for treats?

11-06-2006, 07:20 AM
The game seen from Europe

So we had a bad game sunday. At least if you look at it from a win-loose standpoint. I'll try to take a greater outlook of the game, to find out what it was that really went wrong, and what - if anything - can be carried on to the next games as positives, from this unexpected loss. Next week is Packer week, so that makes it even more essential that we get our act together, and find a way to make our team win.

A defensive stand - once again

First of our defense played another good game. I don't think that anyone can complain about keeping a team to 9 points in an entire game. 3 of those points even came after a costly turnover, where the D managed to stop our opponents of getting even more.

I think what was most important was that we once again stopped the run effectively. And that also means keeping one of the better runners in the league this year, who has really carried what has been of the 49er offense, Frank Gore to only 41 yards.

As usual there has been some bickering on this forum about Fred Smoots game, and it is true that he had two missed tackles. One were Michael Robinson escapes his tackle, and makes a first down he shouldn't have had, and one in the 2nd half, where he simply misses the runner completely. But he also had a number of possitive plays in the game, and the fact remains that he played solid, as he also did last week. So I think we maybe should get off his back for awhile, and try not to jump on every single missed play, and instead try to look at the bigger picture.

Costly turnovers and penalties

Besides from the turnovers we had a couple of penalties that really hurt us. Most notably Travis Taylors block in the back, which nullified a TD run from Chester Taylor, and the late hit by Darrion Scott thta kept the 49ers going on an otherwise stopped drive, which eventually led to another FG.

Both of these penalties were clearly there, and they also both fall in the 'are you seriously stupid'-category. We should focus on getting penalties like these, and penalties in general out of our game, as it keeps costing us each week. The only problem is, that it's the worst kind of mishap from a coaching standpoint. Because there is no real good way of teaching it. Never the less it's getting to be a serious problem.

Offensive woes - and some positives

Now to the thing that you have all been waiting for. The dropped passes. This was the big story of the game, and that the longest thread here after the game is the Troy Williamson thread speaks for it self, even is other WRs also had their drops. It hurt us throughout the game, and everyone knows that the game ended when Troy dropped the perfect pass on 3rd down with no defenders in sight.

I have tried to defend Troy earlier this week, and I must say that he made me look bad this sunday. I don't think that there is any reason to say anything more on this issue that havn't been discussed in here allready, except to mention that I'm not giving up on him yet. We have to keep feeding it to him, but he seriously needs to step it up in the second half of the season.

On to Brad Johnson if he is still on our team, and hasn't been dumped in the sewer by members on this board.
I think Brad has some bad throws in especailly in the first half, where he missed some easier throws, even though a couple of them were actually caught by the reciever making the play.
Then he looked a lot more crisp in the second half, but were seriously led down by his recievers. He still managed to finish the game with a completion percentage of 68%, and I don't think we should put this loss on him.

Our running game had a decent game without really excelling. Chester Taylor ran for 96 yards, and it would have been even better, and with an added TD if not for the penalty mentioned earlier.
An hounorable mention should also go to Artose Pinner, who had a couple of good runs.

I know a lot of you are challenging the play calling, and this is one thing that I don't follow.
I'll agree that I was seriously mad when we made a pass short of the first down to Travis Taylor on our opening drive, and had to settle for a FG. But other than that I must say that I were rather content with it this week, and I think it borders well for the comming game. What hurts were instead the lack of execution, not the plays in the huddle.
I especially like that we took some shots down field to Bethel Johnson, and the fact that we keept running the ball in the 2nd half.

Special teams

I think our special teams had a pretty good game. I'm confident in Bethel returning those kicks, and I think we'll see him break some long ones at some point this season.
Kluwe also had a good game placing two of his five punts inside the 20, with one of those ending on the 1 yard line.

Purple Herring
11-06-2006, 07:44 AM
What went RIGHT - Chester Taylor and Mewelde Moore continue to look good to me as running backs and also as a returner in Mewelde's case. Very pleased with their play. The defence as a whole prevented any touchdowns, although they were only playing the 49ers. i'll be interested to see how they do against the Packers. In September I'd have assumed a Vikings win was a formality, now maybe not.

What went WRONG - Offensive Play calling was very poor. I'm not a coach and I correctly predicted run or pass on virtually every single play! Allowing the onside kick unopposed was inexcusable and shows extremely poor Special Teams coaching and execution. Brad Johnson did not protect the football well enough again. Interceptions last week, fumbles this week. The Offensive line was very poor at pass protection. I'm sorry, but if 5 men can't stop a 4-man rush on 4th down you have to ask what they're being paid for. I thought Bryant McKinnie in particular was bad for the second week running. #81 and #82 - dropped passes.

Unexpoected - beiung embarassed by the 49ers. That performance was truely pathetic.

I am not going to make excuses or allowances for the coaching staff. This is week nine of the regular season and I do not expect to see teh Vikings outplayed by a team as poor as the 49ers. This team had a 9-7 record last season. Anything less - which is starting to look very likely - this year is not acceptable.