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10-23-2006, 09:16 PM
Childress: OK, the injuries here; Marcus (Robinson) has, we'll call a low back contusion here. He's going to go get MRI'd here during the course of the day. We'll have something for you on Thursday on that. Travis Taylor had a concussion during that game. He kind of played through it. He had an impact test today. He's OK, could be better. He'll get better in the next couple of days. Troy Williamson is probably better than Travis is today in terms of his concussion. Other than that, just a couple of bangs and bruises there that we'll deal with as we go through the week here.

In terms of the game, as I mentioned to you, it's a very difficult place to go play when you're talking about NFC Championships and you're talking about that venue there. I think it was a complete team effort, offense, defense, special teams did a great job particularly in the return area and giving us field position. I thought that the right group got on the plane and I talked to those guys about that. The right group got on the plane when we went to Washington, not so much the right group when we went to Buffalo. I thought these guys were right-minded. When our right-minded group gets on the plane, we feel like we can play with anybody in the league, but we have to have all of us in the same direction. They did a good job. As I mentioned to you, it doesn't mean much without the next one. We're excited to play New England on Monday night. Questions?

Q: What do you mean by right-minded?
A: Just being about their business. Not necessarily focused on the game because I believe they're always focused on the game, but just all the specific things that they're going to need to do to be successful; individually, as a group, offense, defense, special teams, because it's a collective group that gets on the plane. It can't just be the offense, defense, or special teams. I really felt like when they bring their "A" game, they can compete with anybody they want to compete with.

Q: Can you get a feel for that the day before?
A: We don't have a...we have urine tests we can take and litmus paper for it but we don't have a litmus paper for right-mindedness, no.

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10-24-2006, 08:11 AM
Q: As you move forward, do you feel concerned about cutting back practice reps for Chester Taylor?
A: No. You know it's not a concern. You know it was a concern I think to people in training camp that he wasn't going to be able to carry the load and then it became a concern that he was going to set a record for carries. You just can't have it all ways. You can't say ‘can he do it?' and then ‘is it too many?' I mean that's what those guys get paid for, that's why he was a free agent. He wanted to be the lead dog and he wanted to come here and get carries, so those guys condition for that, they train themselves physically and mentally for that and I think he's growing into that. I think we're remiss in talking about cutting back anything. He needs to have certain looks. He needs to learn and he has learned how to get out there and look at things on a Wednesday. Does it feel that good? No, it doesn't feel great to have carried it 25 times. But he's always a heck of a lot better when he gets through a Wednesday practice and he needs to take a look at the things we're doing and he gets a little bit better and you know what? From week-to-wee, you usually don't feel good until you get out of bed on Sunday morning and you've got to go again. But that's the type of position.

Go Chester!

Q: Is the Patriots' "team approach" something that you strive for?
A: I would say this, there is probably nobody that's done a better job than Bill (Belichick) over the course of time that he's been in New England and instilling the team concept right from probably their rookie mini-camps on. They play off each other. Offense plays to defense, defense plays to offense, special teams plays to both. There really is an unselfish attitude there and you appreciate that in how they play the game and obviously you appreciate that in terms of the success they've had in winning Super Bowls.

Seem obvious, but Meathead never quite grabbed that concept.