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I agree with Florio's take. A big part of the problem is the lack of a sufficient pass rush. Bring on some big bad boy DTs. Man, I really don't want to suffer through another season with a pathetic defensive secondary. The Vikes did pull through with a decent run defense, which is a start. Sure hope they fill in the gaps and have at least a middle of the pack d-secondary. We'll see.



Though they managed last week to sign former Broncos cornerback Denard Walker, the Vikings' interest in virtually every coverage man on the market has prompted one NFL insider to conclude that the current scorched earth approach to loading up the defensive backfield is proof positive that former defensive coordinator Willie Shaw "f--ked up the team."

"They're so desperate," said the source, "that they might eventually sign Mel Blount."

Shaw joined the Vikings in 1992, when Dennis Green was the coach and Tony Dungy ran the defense. Shaw left after the 1993 season, but returned as secondary coach in 2001. Shaw became defensive coordinator prior to the 2002 season, and he served in the the post for only one year before being fired.

Along the way, Shaw widely was criticized within league circles for his treatment of defensive players (and, specifically, the defensive backs). On his watch, the cornerback position and the safety position continued a rapid deterioration that began after the Vikings' 1998 season.

But for a cup of coffee with shut-down corner Dale Carter in 2001, the Vikes defensive backfield has been horrendous of late, and even with Walker there's no guarantee that things will get any better in 2003, regardless of whether they sign Donald Mitchell, Kevin Mathis, Mel Blount, Mike Haynes, Lester Hayes, Lem Barney, or Dick "Night Train" Lane.

In our view, a big part of the problem is the lack of an effective pass rush. Jimmy Kimmel and Hans Blix could play effective corner if the quarterback has no time to set up and throw. But with $25 million-plus in cap room, the Vikes have done nothing to spot and lure guys who can bring the heat.


03-18-2003, 05:48 AM