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Draft time

this has been Throwing my mind a bit but ive put alot of thought into this and this is how i see the first 7 rounds. Of course its only my opnion and it means nothing really. So..

Remember this is my Mock Draft of 16th March, could be upside down come the 20th..

1. Bengals: Terrance Newman, CB

Kitna showed enough. Bengals are sick of no impact drafts and Palmer won make a impact for a while, Lewis likes kitna and Newman would really build a nice Defense for the bengals, remember that Lewis was a CB coach and they way hes acting in the Free Agencey it looks like he wants to build the team on Defense, Newman! This is a suprise pick for sure but i dont see palmer being a bengal.

2. Lions: Charlie Rodgers, WR

Obvious really, Lions will take the Best WR there is, this guy seems the man, Who ever they take will really push denarld walker to the limit in our 2 Face offs this year, anyway, 2 nice WR's this year.

3. Texans: Terrel Suggs, DE

Gross looked like he was going to go here but now the Texans have got a O line through free agency and i think they will take the best player on the board at this point, except palmer because of Carr taken last year of course.

4. Bears: Jimmy Kennedy, DT

Bears just signed Stewart so they are bound to take kennedy a typical bear type player. Kennedy could go no1 overall yet to the bengals but i think here is more realistic at no4.

5. Cowboys: Carson Palmer, QB

This pick is the hardest to figure out, at this point anyway. If the Cowboys dont trade for a vet QB like Vinny from the jets etc and come into the draft for a QB they will take Palmer in a shot here or Leftwich but since They seem intent on a Veteran or trying Chad Hutchinson for 1 more season, saying this there backups suck aswell and since palmers such a talent i dont know if Parcells can let him drop, this is a pick ill change my mind on tommorow prolly, could go ethier way, Trufant/Palmer/??

6. Cardinals: Byron Leftwich, QB

With plummer gone they need a QB but They see hope in there Backup to step in i heard, im not sure. BUT.., Andre Johnson could go here, they have no WR's at all and hes a REAL REAL possibilty. But you cant just let a talent drop past your pick like Leftwich. If palmer isnt taken from the cowboys he will go here.

7. VIKINGS: DeWayne Robertson, DT

Yeah i think even with Trufant avaliable we will pass him up for a DT, We havent talked of any in the Free Agency yet and i cant see us going another season with robbins, lyon is only a backup. We missed out last year so this is the year and the DT's are real strong aswell. Getting Denard walker made me pick Robertson over Trufant, but really i think its a coin flip over any of these 2. Im not to bothered etheir way. McDougle and Johnson are outside shots here aswell.

all bullshit you say?, prolly right..

Bengals might jus take palmer and texans also take Johnson early like alot think will happen. If that happens we are going to get a shot at ethier Kennedy, suggs, Newman for sure. That Cowboys pick i really diddnt have a clue on kinda, i dont know wot Parcells is up to at all. McDougle could be a cowboy even.

My mock has players like Andre Johnson(compared to TO), Jordan Gross, Marcus Trufant, Jerome McDougle, yeah all of these players good be in the top 7 easy

theres alot to argue there, i expect a bit aswell. What do you guys think?, post your mocks here

suprised no mocks have been put here yet...