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10-08-2006, 03:39 PM
Week 5 Analysis contest:
give me your opinion of the Lions game covering these three points:
What went right, what went wrong, and what was unexpected in this game?

Winner will receive free Vikings gear as always!

10-08-2006, 03:48 PM
What went right: The first offensive drive. I know we looked ugly for a long time in that game, but if Childress has proven one thing, it's that he can take a team on film and turn them around on the first drive. The first 15 plays of every game are usually scripted, and Childress is a genius at taking those first 15 plays and getting production out of them. Tice was always bad at that, but Childress has gotten points on the offense's first drive ever week. I'm impressed by that.

What went wrong: The offense for most of the first 2 1/1 quarters. Chester was amazing, and the run blocking was good, but with the exception of that first drive the rest was atrocious. Brad made some ugly throws, Troy dropped another (albeit a tough) catch, the pocket collapsed quickly a few times and receivers weren't getting open. Brad had to dump it off again and again, and that 3 or 4 yard dumpoff to Moore was starting to get old. Our inability to move the ball and our two offensive turnovers spelled ugliness for most of the game. We turned it around in the third quarter on the drive where Brad went 6/6 and a TD, but prior to that, the offense was what went wrong.

Surprising: The officiating. I think the Vikes have been on the receiving end of some bad calls in the first few weeks, but this week I though the officials were good. They didn't make any game changing calls and called the obvious stuff. They were very fair.

10-08-2006, 03:54 PM
What went right: The Vikings sticking to the running game even when we were down.. The defense playing lights out football for 4 quarters.. Holding our opponets to under 20 points a game for the first 5 games of the season..

What went wrong: Special Teams stunk it up again.. The offensive line was not doing a dam thing the first half of the game.. Childress's play calling was somewhat questionable at times today..

What was unexpected:
The team sticking to the run when we were behind starting the second half.. Our defense continuing to play very well when we were down.. Both of those things wouldn't have happened in past years.. Cudos to Childress to sticking to the run, and Tomlin for sending the dogs on a tired offense..


10-08-2006, 03:56 PM
Good: C. Taylor tearing it up, not just running, but his catches were crucial at times too. The Defense. what can I say that hasn 't already been said? Amazing and fun.

Bad: Playcalling between the first drive and the end of the 3rd quarter. I thought poor play calling lead to our offense stalling. I hope it's still just the leadership getting their bearings to the new situation and not a true indication of who they really are. And, of course, Special Teams. just gross, except for the last coupel returns that could have gone the distance towards the end.

Unexpected: BJ's troubles. I don't think he was bad as much as he just struggled. Again, I attribute some to play calling, but most to the protection. This was the Lions, it shouldn't have been this close. Also, the 4th quarter. I finally felt like for the first time, all aspects of our team were clicking on all cylinders. The offense at least moved the ball and scored a TD!!!!!! and defense finally ran some turnovers back and some returns on ST were solid. I felt like we finally got pissed enough and stopped trying to play patty-cake and finally went to hard-nosed, aggressive football.
We saw close to our potential during the 4th.

10-08-2006, 04:11 PM
What went wrong:

The play calling sucked!

4th quarter we are down by 1 point and we have 3rd and 1 and we throw a bomb, again!
Didn't they learn from the the 4th and 2 from 2 weeks ago?
Get the 1st down 1st and then go for the bomb but high % pass would have been a better call!

Then we line up for a field goal try and we pouch kick!
What the heck was that?

On the next drive we have 3rd and goal and we run 3 straight plays up the middle!
Try something different on 2nd down, or third down!
A fade to the corner, an off tackle run, a screen pass or a tightend in the end of the endzone but not 3 straight runs up the middle!

What went right!

The running game was moving the ball for most of the game and even MeMo made up for the punt return fumble.

The pressure got to Kitna and he made some mistakes that our linebackers took advantage of!

Defense game plan that Tomlin put in worked for most of the game!

The defense front 4 stopped the run and got the best pressure they have all season and was key to the D to day.

Also the coverage was good to almost great today and the CB's were not playing as far off today and was jamming the receivers and taking them out of their routes!

10-08-2006, 04:19 PM
Linebackers all contributed some big plays, this has been our biggest improvement from last year.

For all the problems we are having with special teams we do a good job of dropping punts around the 2 and killing the ball there

I will leave the negatives for the coaches to work on during the bye week

10-08-2006, 04:40 PM
What went right:
Defense, special team run back coverage, and the running game.
Napoleon continues to show his value and Taylor really showed his "moves" to all of you doubting Thomases out there.
TEs started getting used.

What went wrong:
Offense still isn't clicking.
Third down conversions were poor.
Redzone performance was poor.
What was up with that blocked kick????
Play calling was too predictable.
Something has to change in the "O"

I believe this game was a true test of our offense.
I hoped we would have piled on the points...
thank God for the defensive points!

10-08-2006, 05:40 PM
Forgot my unexpected- Holding the Lions to 16 yards of total rushing, outstanding

10-08-2006, 05:44 PM
From what i've read, it sounds like the line was clicking better against (what has been) a stingy run defense but that the "west coast" short frump dump passes were getting the Vikes nowhere. Maybe it's time for Childress to pass down duties of playcalling to the OC. Against the 30th ranked passing D, we should have had a field day.

10-08-2006, 05:51 PM
Right: Vikings defense.....DEFENSE!

Wrong: The Vikings offense friggen blows.

Unexpected: Your F'ing kicker punting during a 51 yard field goal attempt when down by 1.
WTF was that?


Purple Floyd
10-08-2006, 06:05 PM
What went right?

Our defense was outstanding. They made the plays that gave us the win even though the offense and special teams did little to put them in a good position.

Also Chester Taylor. Anybody including myself who wasn't sure of his potential really got a show from him today. He got yards he never should have when the blocking was bad and when the blocking was good he had some outstanding runs.

What went wrong?

Execution on the offense. I am not sure if it should be pinned on the team,the coaching or more likely a combination of both, but we were facing one of the worst defenses in the league and the offense couldn't put the ball in the endzone once we got inside the 20. We had terrible penalties,terrible play calling and terrible execution. Detroit had an offensive line that was decimated by injuries and they still scored on our defense. There is no acceptable reason that we couldn't score more on theirs.

Special Teams was so bad I felt ashamed of them. We fumbled,failed to block for our returners and got blown out by the d-line on that blocked xtra point. Plus if it wasn't for a yellow flag we would have given up a 98 yard kickoff return. Yuk.

What was unexpected?

The defense scoring two touchdowns in the 4th to pull us from the cellar of despair and erase a 16-3 deficit while
snatching an almost certain victory from the clutches of a less talented but possibly more hungry lions team.

Brads play.

He looked bad today. It seems like he has lost his comfort with the line and was making bad passes and decisions. I hope the offense can find some sort of celestial harmony during the bye week.

10-08-2006, 07:39 PM
Vikings won.

Wrong: You could never tell by reading the threads on this board.

10-08-2006, 11:20 PM
What went right?

Easily the biggest thing that went right was the overall play of our defense. People on this site are always whining and complaining about the offense yet fail to mention how good of a performance our defense is putting up. Not to mention the fact that I don't remember the last time we have seen a decent core of linebackers in Minnesota. Although we lost Erasmus James for the season Darrion Scott and Ray Edwards are filling in quite nicely. Smoot wasn't so bad today either. He still gave the cushion throughout the game and gave up a few bad plays but overall it looks like the coaches have been working with Fred a lot throughout the week. Hopefully he only gets better after the bye.

The play of Chester Taylor was absolutely outstanding. I think we've finally found a premier back in Minnesota. If it wasn't for Chester today, this game would have been a huge blowout.

I find it kind of funny how the vikes from 2 years ago that featured porous defense and high flying, pass oriented offense has turned into grind it out dink and dunk with a premier back on offense with an astounding defense.

What went wrong?

The offense, as others have mentioned, was quite plainly atrocious. Other than the interception, Brad's stats were decent but eventually you have to look over the offense and find out what is wrong. I don't think the problem lies completely on the shoulders of Brad. The overall offense is just not doing its job. Either, A. Brad is checking down a majority of plays because of protection or lack of field vision, or B. Brad is checking down every play because our receivers aren't getting open. Either way, the entire offensive unit apart from Chester just isn't playing up to the standards that the defensive unit is.

Special teams was terrible today as well. Ryan Longwell did his job as usual but the coverage down field was terrible on the kickoff and punt. You have to be right in the returners face, especially when it's one of the better returners in the league like Drummond.

What was unexpected?

I don't know about anyone else, but I noticed a few key players who are stepping up.

Ronyell Whitaker. It looked like he got a lot of playing time today to me and he made the most of it. He had some solid plays in coverage and didn't look too bad covering the run. He was a beast on special teams, helping to pin the lions on their own one yard line.

Ray Edwards. I happened to be one of the people who didn't support this pick in the draft. I have now changed my mind and deserve my crow. This guy is having a stellar rookie season, and even more so considering what place he was drafted. The Erasmus injury stings big time but when you can have players like Edwards fill in, it only makes the future look that much brighter.

Fred Smoot. Not a bad performance for Smoot comparatively. I'm not sure if this was my lack of attention or what but I can't remember a specific play where smoot completely blew it like last week.

the linebacking core. When we signed Ben Leber I definitely did not think that he would be one of the biggest X-factors on the team. Napoleon Harris has really come into his own under Tomlin, and EJ Henderson has been nothing short of solid. The youth in this group of players is prevelant. It should be a great season for these guys.

Overall a great game for the defense and a sad game for the passing offense. SKOL!

10-08-2006, 11:42 PM
What went right:

-The defense is wicked good. They are showing the league that they won't be pushed around. We are scoring points off of turnovers, and the players aren't getting worn out late. Even Pat Williams looked fiesty in the 4th.
-Chris Kluwe is a commodity. A 2nd year punter that can boot the hell out of the ball, and aim like a friggin' sniper.
-Chester, T-Rich, and the O line are starting to work as a unit when running the ball.
-All the hard hits. I saw at least 4 Lions leave the field like frightened kittens. (Best of luck to those injured, btw...)

What went wrong:

-Brad Johnson looked like he was almost 40 yeasrs old. Oh, wait... He is almost 40. Huh...
-We really need to activate Jason Carter, and get rid of McMuffin. We need a real returner.
-Someone needs to teach the linemen who block on the field goal team how to block the defender in front of them.

What was unexpected:

-Chester breaking 100. Congrats, buddy. I really like this dude, and I hope to see more of the same.

Skol Vikings! We needed this one, bad. Now we have some momentum going in to the bye week. Time to regroup, and prepare.

Big C
10-09-2006, 12:37 AM
Good: Defense, offensive line and Chestor Taylor.

Bad: Offensive play calling on 3rd down (go short on 3rd and long and go long on 3rd and short. I... don't get it), punt return blocking, kickoff and punt coverage.

Unexpected: All the detroit injuries, less than 10 penalties.

10-09-2006, 12:39 AM

So much for our so called terrible linebacker core lets see here Ben Leber defensive td Napo interception EJ int for a td.
Chester taylor did a nice job running the ball,
O-line gave up no sacks
Defense held 5th consecutive opponent under 20 points

Our offense seems to onoy be able to score on its first drive of the half and on the last drive of a half particularly in the fourth quarter
-keping smoot on the field,Although he didnt give up any big plays it was because kitna didnt see the wide open recievers or was unable to get the ball to them.When you guys watch the game again look carefully and watch smoot not cover recievers.Btw on the pick for a td by EJ kitna was trying to get the ball to az hakim who was wide open cuz smoot let him run by him

10-09-2006, 01:04 AM
What went right:
The Viking Defense.
For the 5th game in a row, they refused break.
They had a couple of "fall on your face" moments, but they battled back and really came up big when it counted.
Scoring 2 TD's was incredible.
Even Smoot played well.
The only knock on the "D" right now is that they can't play "O" as well.

What went wrong:
Everything even remotely considered a "passing game".
Johnson has been throwing like his arm is gone - lots of soft lobs that often don't even make it there.
On deep routes he either overthrows or completely underthrows his receivers.
Our ability to go vertical is nonexistant.
Only a weak Detroit Defense enabled us to get a ground game going, and Chester looked pretty good for a change...let's see if he can do that again in Seattle.
I would like to say our Offense is one-dimensional...but I don't think we even have that much...more like it's 1/3-dimensional.

The complete reversal of the team.
Until 2 seasons ago, the Vikings were a high-flying high-scoring offense saddled with a mediocre defense that occassionaly stepped up to the plate long enough to grab a win.
Now, we're seeing the complete opposite.
Our Defense keeps us in the game and our Offense sputters and clanks and blows a lot of smoke.
What's worse is our Defense is playing SO well that we've been in every game...right until the end.
If only we had an Offense.


10-09-2006, 09:43 AM
What went right?

First off we got ourselves a W, and that alone can leave us as fans, as well as the players and coaches, with a positive emotion going in to a bye week.

Offensively I thought we looked better than we have all year. And even though it - maybe - were on a cheap background, there is something to build upon for the coaches.
I like where the running game is at right now, and as long as we stick with it we are going to be allright in most games.

On the other side of the ball, there are many good things to be said. First of all the line once again played a great game, especially our two DTs were magnificient, and I'll give my game ball to Big Pat, for the fumble that were the turning point of the entire game.
The unit as a whole, held the Lions to 16 yds rushing, where half of that number came on a scramble by Kitna.
They also created four turnovers by making 3 interceptions and on fumble. Two of which went right in for a score.

What went wrong?

Offensively when I was looking at the stats at half time, it seemed like we were the better team, netting 156 yards (rushing 76, passing 80). But I couldn't help thinking that - besides the interception - our biggest problem were that we didn't attempt anything deep. It didn't come in the 2nd half either, and I think it's something we need to change. If we don't start sprinkling a couple of shots in there, good defenses will kill us in the future.
As usual noone likes turnovers, and it has got to get cleaned up. But what hurt more than usual in this game, were giving up an interception, to a defense that hadn't had a pick all year (Denver is now the only team without a pick by the way).
Also we played the defense that had given up most passing TDs in the league (10), and in that light our offensive performance didn't seem impressive.

On special teams there were also a couple of things to be concerned about. You can't make a muffed catch (@M.Moore), so get that cleaned up. And while Ferraro is at it, he should try making some better coverage.

To sum up

We got a W, and we are now 3-2 going in to the by week. I think we have played adequately so far, and there are somethings to build upon for the coaches. But we got to play better than we have so far, if we are to beat the likes of Seattle and New England in the weeks following the bye.

On the postive side I think we'll be in a really good position if we can win one of the next two games. I have said all season long that, then we'll have the toughest part of our schedule behind us. If you look at the rest from there on our hardest games will be at Soldier Field and Lambeau.

10-09-2006, 11:34 AM
"Webby" wrote:

Week 5 Analysis contest:
give me your opinion of the Lions game covering these three points:
What went right, what went wrong, and what was unexpected in this game?

Winner will receive free Vikings gear as always!

Pressure up front led to 5 sacks, 4 turnovers and two defensive TDs.

Once the Vikings offense got off the script, they were anemic.
Perhaps it's time to get rid of the script all together, because once those 15 plays are done, Childress is struggling mightily to get his guys on track.

Fred Smoot leading the team in tackles.


10-09-2006, 11:59 AM
Well, we got lucky to get out of that game with the W.
I think our offense might have been a little over-confident considering how many points Detroit gave up last week, and the fact that we were coming off games against Chicago and Buffalo, 2 defenses that are w/o question better than Detroit.

It's been quite some time since I've had more faith in our defense than in our offense.

I think the bye came at a good time for us.
One could argue that we should be 5-0 right now, but one could argue that we should be 1-4 or 0-5.
We definitely missed some opportunities in the first half that we should have capitalized on against Detroit.
That was frustrating.
Also, why didn't Childress challenge the "non-safety" call.
It looked to me as though, when his right foot stepped out, it was before he reached the ball, and about 6 inches short of the pylon.
If you take that challenge, and you don't win, you lose a timeout, you take it and you do win, you get 2 points, the football, and a ton of momentum. Not to mention, how crazy the crowd would get at that point, creating an awesome environment for a home-field advantage.
Our defense is starting to gel, and making a lot of good things happen.
We're putting consistent pressure on the QB, doing great against the run, and forcing offenses into mistakes.
Chester Taylor had an impressive game, also, we just need to get the passing game on track.