View Full Version : Thank God we had a big offseason

09-16-2004, 09:26 AM
I dont mean to bring morale down, but we are missing our starting running back, tight end, and DE, along with Irvin, and some others are banged up like Moe and Rushen. Last year, we were fortunate to not have many injuries( Michael Bennett was huge though), but this year its not the case. I think that our depth at RB has proved to be a lifesaver, and our d-line was practically saved, for now, by drafting Udeze. Since we will be getting both Bennett and Mixon back relatively soon, my main concern is at tight end now. Does anyone think Jermaine can fill Saussers shoes to an acceptable extent?

Semperfi Vike
09-16-2004, 09:56 AM
Look at what happen to the Pats last year loosing most of their starters and having some no namers come in and step up. And remember they won the superbowl and won 12 straight games

Del Rio
09-16-2004, 10:08 AM
Yeah I think the Te's will step up. You like Patriots example a lot so look at Tom Brady he was a backup and got his chance he shined.

Change is innevitable and is a good thing. Plus the TE's have it great with the backs we have and the WR talent they should have open field to work with. The spotlight is not on them, so they have a greater chance to succeed and build the confidence they need to perform at the level they are expected to.

I really am not worried about our current injuries. I kringe at the Sasser, but as far as Irvin we will still be ok. One player doesn't make the team. And the heart and pride along with confidence is what makes champions. How many teams that are winners blow out their opponents all the time? Very few.

You need to be able to win the close ones. You need to be able to overcome the other teams strategy and the obsticals that are placed in our way. There is no reason to believe that we don't have the personel to do all that. IMO