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08-23-2006, 09:33 PM
Fantasy football draft commandments


Thou shalt study the schedule
Don't make all your moves based on strength of schedule, but it's a great tiebreaker when you can't decide between a few players. Some hints this year:

• The Bengals' schedule is just brutal. They should get an extra guy it's so tough. And with their QB, Carson Palmer, still recovering from a knee injury, a slow start is predictable. Make sure there isn't an equal option before drafting Rudi and Chad Johnson this year.

• The Vikings' first month isn't a cake walk either. There are plenty of good defenses at the start (Washington, Carolina, Chicago) to make the transition to the West Coast offense a tough one. And did you hear about Koren Robinson? We thought so.

• And if you're looking for a QB not named Peyton that might rack up the points, give Trent Green a try. The Chiefs face plenty of defenses that have poor track records vs. the pass, and defenses likely will be keying on a certain top running back.

Thou shalt handcuff your running back

Handcuffing, the fantasy geek term for drafting a player and his backup, is a requirement every season for most of the top running backs in the field. If you draft LaDainian Tomlinson, a few rounds later take Michael Turner. If you take Larry Johnson, grab your old friend Michael Bennett a few pieces of pizza later. This way if LT or LJ goes down, you still have a starting running back to plug in. Go through your cheat sheet before the draft and write down the name of each of the top 12 RBs' backups. Then once you draft a top back, you'll know who to take an hour or so later. Drafting RB backups helps cover your backside.

No real need, however, to do this with any other position. If Peyton Manning goes down, you're not going to want to hitch your wagon to Shaun King. There are a few backup QBs out there worth keeping an eye on, but for the most part only worry about taking out insurance on your best backs.

Thou shalt not look at preseason statistics

OK, you can look, just don't bring them to your draft. Laurence Maroney is not going to stack up 2,000 total yards this year, despite what you're seeing and hearing on ESPN so far this August. Check the stats of guys you like, don't bite on the rest.

Thou shalt ignore the "rules" in the magazine

Be a homer! Go with your gut! Draft a receiver and quarterback from the same team! Pay an extra buck for the rookie you have a hunch might surprise us all! Break some rules on draft day. You're just guessing anyway, and that's why God invented the free-agent market.

Thou shalt not make friends on draft day

Those people on the couch across the den, they're not your friends on draft day. They're your competition.

Keep track of all the picks and who's drafting which players. If you know the fantasy owner picking after you needs a QB and is sweating out your pick, guess which position who should grab? Yep, QB.

And know which owners like which players. In an auction draft, bid up their favorite players and watch your "friend" in the Chargers' No. 21 jersey squirm as you up the price on LaDainian Tomlinson.

And if you really want to get a dirty look, draft opposing owners' handcuff running back and hold them over the coals on the trade market.

Friends, who needs 'em? In the words of Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, who doesn't seem to miss a certain wide receiver one bit this summer: "You're not here to make friends. You're here to win games."

08-23-2006, 09:44 PM
wow.. any more words of wisdom..

as i am going to have my first ever fantasy draft on september the 3rd

08-26-2006, 09:10 AM
"Potus2028" wrote:

wow.. any more words of wisdom..

as i am going to have my first ever fantasy draft on september the 3rd

take a kicker early, they always go.
and do not worry about a runningback, you can just trade for one later./