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my apologies to david spade for ripping off an old hollywood minute joke (chaplin? more like CRAPlin!) but does anyone really think that germane crowell will be a better #2 receiver for the vikings than d'wayne bates or kelly campbell? i certainly don't think so. he was lackluster last year for the lions and i don't think he's any kind of upgrade to the current vikes receiver corps. my 2¢ on WR is stick with what you have, maybe try a young guy from a late round of the draft or rookie free agent like campbell, but certainly DON'T spend money better used on areas that really need an upgrade like d-line, d-back and o-line (corbin lacina just isn't an every down lineman anymore.) when you had the #2 offense in the league (yardage-wise) i say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. correct the turnovers (which o-line help would help do), bolster the defense, and this is a VERY good playoff caliber team. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT pay big money for germane crowell.