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07-11-2006, 12:22 PM
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The MVC vist Troops

July 10, 2006

Author: Acacia & Brianna

Married you four years ago,
Now I'm a soldier's wife.
Knew one day, you'd have to go,
I miss you in my nights.

In seven weeks, our baby's due,
You're half-a-world away.
Know our country's needin' you,
But all I have to say is:

Baby, come back home,
I need you too.
Baby, come back home,
Honey, I love you.

These were the words to the song written and sung by Nashville country artist Carly Goodwin. After spending 3 days in Texas and New Mexico and hearing Carly perform, her lyrics began to take on a whole new meaning. Brianna and I were lucky to have been chosen as MVC representatives on this amazing troop visit. Here is what our eventful few days looked like....

Day 1 - Arriving in El Paso

After an airport mix-up and a red-eyed flight Brianna and I made it safely to El Paso where we were greeted by our chaperones. We were then taken to the Fort Bliss barracks where we spent our first night. We prepared for the next day's events and then exhausted from our trip we checked in for the night.

Day 2 - Dining with soldiers

First thing this morning we were taken to a BBQ at U.S. Army Garrison Fort Bliss, TX. Awaiting our arrival were 300+ soldiers who despite the heat seemed to be in good spirits. This was also the time we met 2 Buffalo Bills cheerleaders (Lori & Corrine) who were also on the same visit. The four of us signed autographs and had a chance to meet some of the soldiers. We were also honored to receive excellence through teamwork coins presented to us by the Garrison Command Sergeant Major. The appreciation we felt from the soldiers at this base was amazing and overwhelming.

Following our BBQ we were taken to the PX store where we were greeted by hundreds of fans who had been anxiously awaiting our arrival. All four cheerleaders sat at an autograph table and signed and took pictures for our far from home fans. This was also our first chance to hear the talented Carly Goodwin perform.

We then drove to McGreggor and dined with the soldiers in their mess hall on base. What an experience! It was such a fun thing to see what daily life is like on base. After our dinner of army cuisine we signed autographs and took pictures with the soldiers. Brianna and I even had an opportunity to hold the "weapons" that the soldiers are required to wear at all times. After an initial mistake I learned fast that it is NOT okay to point the gun anywhere but at the ground. We also met and chatted with the Double Deuce troop who left a memorable impression on us.

After our exhausting day we drove to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and checked into our second hotel.

Day 3 - Stealth Bomber

Early this morning we arrived at the sports complex at Holloman where we were guest instructors for a cheer clinic. We split the 50 some children into 2 groups; the Jills took one group and we took the other. We spent an hour teaching them basic cheer technique and even taught them a sideline routine of our own. The children were all eager and enthusiastic and it was a blast to work with them!
The next item on the itinerary was my personal favorite and most memorable. We were taken to a large garage where we got to see a stealth bomber jet! At first glance it seemed unreal and we were in awe of its size. We had a chance to climb up to the cockpit and learn a little about what the jet is used for.

Next was the grand opening of the BX store on base. As part of the grand opening celebration we signed autographs and took pictures with fans. We were amazed at the number of Vikings fans that came. It was fun to see Purple Pride so far from home!
We then were taken to JR Rockers sports bar where we relaxed and played pool with the Jills and Carly Goodwin. After showcasing our pool skills we went to Desert Lanes bowling alley where we bowled 5 games with soldiers who had been selected. It was nice to get to know the soldiers on a less professional, personal level. We had so much fun bowling and spending time with each other.
After bowling we drove back to El Paso and checked into our third hotel. We didn't waste much time before heading to bed because of our 3:00 am wake up time.

Overall this was an amazing trip that opened our eyes to what our troops actually sacrifice for us. We have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their work and I think we will both think twice before taking certain things for granted now. We would like to thank the troops for their hospitality and warm welcome and also for the unselfish work they do for our country.

Pictures & The Article: The MVC vist Troops (http://www.vikings.com/news_detail_objectname_MVCVisitFtBliss71006.html)

07-12-2006, 02:56 AM
I thought it was great of our cheerleaders to represent down in El Paso to our troops.

Am I the only one?

07-12-2006, 03:02 AM
Dude I agree with you that it is great that our cheerleaders visited our troops and give their moral a boast.

07-12-2006, 03:11 AM
"oakmage" wrote:

Dude I agree with you that it is great that our cheerleaders visited our troops and give their moral a boast.

I'm not into cheerleaders much, but I know the guys are. It was great of them to give our soldiers moral support. Maybe even got us a few new fans! :lol:

07-12-2006, 03:16 AM
I think it's a great encouragemnt for the troops that they visited.