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05-16-2006, 03:02 AM
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Head Coach Brad Childress

Childress: We just finished our mandatory five (practice) mini-camp that is somewhere between 15 days after the draft you are required to do that. By and large, great five practices from these guys, finished by a conditioning test that we just had a minute ago. I think the thing that rings true to me with this football team is they want to be good, and they want to be accountable to each other. Nobody in that last part of that conditioning test wanted to be the guy that let the guy standing next to him down, so you saw guys competing. If we have that kind of accountability during the year, we're going to be a good football team, and they want to be a good football team. I am happy that they worked the way they did. This is just one more step in the process. We start with the rookie OTA's in two weeks. The rookies will stay with us, again, by league rules they are able to come in here after finals or after the 16th of May. So I think all but two will be here with us. I excused Cedric Griffin and Darren Sharper for personal reasons, and we'll leave that at that.

Q: How much of the playbook is in, and how will that process continue?
A: There are plays in the playbook that are in, but a lot of the situational stuff is not in. I mentioned to the guys this morning we still have two-minute drills, short yardage, goal line, and 3rd and longs. They're getting a feel more or less for the system and the words that go along with the system, and the words that speak to them. It's wordy but there's only certain words that speak to them, so they are learning which words speak to them.

Q: How did the rookie class do?
A: There's a lot of big eyes, there's kind of a ‘hey, what's going on' period that goes on. You didn't notice them, they didn't stand out like sore thumbs from the standpoint of not knowing what to do. By the other token, you didn't see them show up because they made a great play - I think (Chad) Greenway got his hands on a ball the other day. Just about like you'd expect rookies to be, but I thought they all competed, they all were in to it, they all were learning. They'll get so much better here in the next two weeks before the veterans join them in June.

Q: How important is it to have them here for mini-camp?
A: It's critical. I'd hate to be bringing a guy back in the fall and this is the first time he's seeing it. They get to know coaches, they get to know system, they get to know how we do our business on the football field, and then they're playing the game that goes along with it, and that's the most important thing.

Q: How pleased are you with Fred Smoot's weight gain and overall camp?
A: Well, if the conditioning drill is any indication, he's carrying it pretty doggone good, because you always worry when somebody puts on weight that they can run but he still looks like he can run. He's not struggling, it's not like he's dragging a wagon or anything like that.

Q: Any update on Marvin Ward or Joey Goodspeed?
A: He (Goodspeed) hurt his knee, and I'll just leave it at that.

Q: Do you try to solidify someone at the holder position right now?
A: Well you like to allow your kicker to get some rhythm, yes. It's just important that (Chris) Kluwe is getting those snaps right now, because in a perfect world you'd like that because those guys can go to another field and work. You're not required to have the quarterback come over and work with them. Those guys can get a lot of one on one work themselves. I think we are just in the process of evaluating. We know Brad (Johnson) can do it. Wee want to make sure that we're comfortable with Ryan (Longwell) doing it, and doing it consistently.

Q: Have you decided how many players you'll take to training camp and will you still be looking for free agents up until that point?
A: The number is 80, we get some exemptions because of (NFL) Europe, and we get another few until we sign this draft class. So we'll be between 80-86, and yeah, we'll continue to look at the waiver wire to see who is out there.

Q: Has the June 1st cut date changed with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement?
A: No, it's the same. There are still going to be some people that are let go right there and we'll just see who those guys are and what their numbers look like.

Q: What is your sense of the team's conditioning?
A: I was pleasantly surprised with their conditioning. I think that it would have been real easy to flop and roll over and not want to do what we just did. Really, what we just did does not have a whole lot to do with football. It has more to do with level of conditioning and competing. Just watching those guys compete I was quite pleased.

Q: Do you get the sense from Chad Greenway's agent that signing him will be something that will develop rather quickly?
A: We know who his agent is, but that wasn't any factor in us taking a look at him and drafting him.

Q: How important is it to get him signed and into training camp on time? Did you have any experience in Philadelphia where guys held out as your 1st-round picks?
A: It's important because guys can get behind in a hurry. We had very few holdouts there. The volume that is thrown at those guys early, and then you put the pads on, you don't want to miss any days. Particularly as a rookie, you don't want to miss any days.

Q: Is it fair to say that you have guys like Koren Robinson and Chester Taylor at WR and RB that are on the cusp of breaking out?
A: They have to do that to make this offense work. The guys that line up at those positions have to do that. But that's a work in progress with all those guys because this is their first exposure to the system. Koren probably would have the most knowledge of the system having played in a version of it in Seattle. Those guys at some level have to be playmakers for you. They're the guys that are touching the football.

Q: How is Steve Hutchinson meshing with the offensive line?
A: I think he is doing a good job. It's a pretty good sight to see him and (Bryant) McKinnie and (Matt) Birk standing there on the left side. Again, it will be a different story also when the pads come on, but that's a physical left side of the line and I think they're going to pride themselves on that.

Q: How important is accountability to each other for this team?
A: Any of the good teams I have been around had some accountability to each other. They wanted to compete for each other, they wanted to be in there, they did not want to miss a snap, they didn't want to miss an assignment. So I have that sense in some areas that that's where we're at and I had a strong sensation out here just watching them run this conditioning drill.

Q: Were you disappointed you did not practice outdoors to get a better look at the punters?
A: Well, we would have liked to. They had a little headwind yesterday. They got to kick a little bit into the wind, but we'll get out there on the grass. I just didn't want to push them with the ground being wet, stretching a groin a little bit too far, and in our conditioning program we have not been on the grass yet either. That's kind of a little different...you've got to work on that instead of a static surface. We won't have any trouble here in the future, hopefully. You guys know more about the Minnesota weather than I do.

Q: What will separate your West Coast system from others?
A: I think that remains to be seen, we'll find out. When you're building your football team you kind of do that throughout a training camp, and we'll just see what we're good at. We don't want to put any round pegs in square holes, but at some level you've got to be able to throw the football, and football is still a physical game. I think that somewhere you have to exert your will on somebody and be able to run the football too.

Q: As an offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, your running game was not very strong. Do you hope that will change?
A: I think you achieve what you emphasize, and we emphasized the pass there. We threw the football a bunch, and I hope to emphasize the run here a little bit more.

Q: Does the combination of Tony Richardson and Chester Taylor excite you?
A: It doesn't without the guys that are standing in front of them, because those are the guys that are really plowing it out. Tony Richardson, obviously, is a very good fullback. He understands the physical nature of the game, he's able to clear a hole, he's also able to catch the football. I like the fact that those guys are standing back there. I like the fact that Tony Richardson is a grizzled veteran.

Q: How did Tarvaris Jackson look in the five practices?
A: I thought probably the most impressive thing was just him delivering the essay in the huddle. I think like Bev (Darrell Bevell) said to you, you have to know when to take a breath and where to take a breath so that everything flows when you are passing out that information. You are basically painting a picture with words. You can see the right look in his eye knowing exactly what he is creating. He can see the picture in his eye of what's going on. I can go back and remember in 1985, Art Schlichter was our starting quarterback (with the Colts), and with all the essay that is said I know that coming to the line of scrimmage, he was still thinking about who was moving where, when he was lifting his foot up. The ball is getting played on the other side of the line of scrimmage, so you've got to be able to have that mind's eye picture and see what is going on on the other side. I think Tarvaris is on his way to that.

Q: Did Adam Goldberg suffer an injury?
A: He has a hamstring strain. He made it through yesterday's practice, yesterday morning. I'm trying to remember if it was yesterday morning. I think he practiced in the morning and didn't practice in the afternoon, but he did not run this afternoon.

Q: How is the communication process with Brad Johnson coming along?
A: I think you can pull him on the side every now and then. He has such a dictionary, if you will, of offense in his head. He's got his own notebooks. I've seen his notebooks. He's made tapes of plays he likes. Some of the ones we are able to adapt, some of the ones we already have in the offense, and some of them I'll probably have to tell him you know what, you need to run that when you get your own football team.

Q: He is working on kind of a backup contract. Do you think his contract will be re-done before training camp?
A: I haven't even gone there. I'm not worried about his contract. I haven't heard anything about his contract. I just know he's a good football player.

Q: How far along is Willie Offord and do you expect him to be 100 percent by training camp?
A: He should be. We've kind of held him back, just like we did with Ben Leber. We gave him one practice a day, he didn't take two. You worry about fatigue in that muscle that is holding that knee, but he did everything we asked him to do. It's just a matter of him getting confidence on that leg and making sure his weight is where it needs to be as he comes into training camp.

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Q: How is Steve Hutchinson meshing with the offensive line?
A: I think he is doing a good job. It's a pretty good sight to see him and (Bryant) McKinnie and (Matt) Birk standing there on the left side. Again, it will be a different story also when the pads come on, but that's a physical left side of the line and I think they're going to pride themselves on that.

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Where can I find some pics from the mini camp? Last year they had a bunch on kfan.com but now I can't find any pics anywhere.

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Video footage from the Viking's web site from last weekends minicamp.



Fantasy football promotion from the Vikings

This is a promotion the Vikings sent to me via email, it looks like a pretty cool fantasy football contest while you watch the Viking Games from a luxury suite. It is on the spendy side, but somebody on here might be interested.


05-17-2006, 01:38 AM
yeah thats kind of spendy, but the prizes are kind of cool & great view.. but im much too poor ^_^, sweet though

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New faces and old names combine at Vikings training camp

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thats GREAT knews about birk, none of this sitting out because of minor injuries bull

oh, and anyone else love this comparison? That's because Guard Steve Hutchinson from the NFC Champion Seahawks, appears to be the real deal and is garnering a lot of praise from his linemates, including Birk who says he's as good as future Hall of Famer, former Viking, Randall McDaniel.

05-17-2006, 11:37 PM
One of the most exciting things for me right now, is the fact that everybody is saying the right thing. No one (Tice) is saying stupid things that brings unneeded attention to the franchise. Our guys are focused on football, and are working hard. I can only hope that these things are a reflection of how the team will carry themselves on the field.