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05-05-2006, 10:51 PM

We're heard from several sources that Jaguars pro personnel director Charles Bailey is indeed one of the leading candidates to join the Vikings as the new V.P. of player personnel.

Bailey and Fran Foley, as we understand it, were the two finalists for the job the last time around. The job ultimately went to Foley, who was fired earlier this week.

Though we've previously lobbied for the team to hire a strong G.M., no one in Minnesota really cares about what we have to say on the matter. (So maybe there's still hope for the franchise, after all.)

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Early indications out of Minnesota are that the team won't be pumping up the budget and aiming high for a G.M.-style personnel boss who might finally whip the dysfunctional operation into shape.

Instead, word is that the job will either go to Scott Studwell or to someone experience in pro scouting, given that Studwell's specialty is on the college side.

So it sounds as if the Vikings will simply dust off the stack of resumes (which hopefully will be examined a bit more closely this time) that were considered several months back in conjunction with the process that resulted in the arrival of Fran Foley. Indeed, Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that prior candidates Charles Bailey, Ron Hill, Bill Kuharich, and Rick Spielman could be back in the mix.

And that's a shame, in our view. Nothing against the guys who got sniffs the last time around, but this is an opportunity for the team to get it right. The hiring, in our view, of Foley was a symptom of a deeper problem. Resorting to the same approach that resulted in Foley's arrival suggests that the problem is still festering.

The thing that owner Zygi Wilf doesn't realize is that folks with far more experience in the business know exactly what's going on. The guys who already are entrenched in the organization don't want someone with a high degree of ability (and thus a high degree of influence) to come in and infringe on their fiefdom.

Instead, Kevin Warren, Rob Brzezinski, and Brad Childress hope to protect their territory -- and they'll do so only if the guy who replaces Foley arrives not with an agenda driven by a desire to improve the overall organization, but with a high degree of gratitude for those who helped him get the job.

The far better approach, as we've previously argued, would be for Wilf to hire an established football guy from an organization with a strong track record of success, pay him accordingly, and give him the keys to the car.

We were going to say "boat" but, well, you know. . . .


ALso this is in the PFT Website..


Although more and more league insiders agree with the notion that former Vikings V.P. of player personnel Fran Foley has seriously damaged his chances of landing another NFL gig by filing an arbitration claim and allowing his lawyer to go public with criticism of the team, there's speculation in some circles that Foley could land with the Saints.

The business is driven in large part by relationships, and two of Foley's former colleagues in Jacksonville -- Rick Mueller and Rick Reiprish -- hold key positions in New Orleans.

Mueller is the director of player personnel, and Reiprish is the director of college scouting. Interestingly, the Saints currently have only two pro scouts -- and no pro personnel director. Since Foley's primary experience has come in that role, there's a potential for a natural fit.

The question is whether G.M. Mickey Loomis and/or owner Tom Benson would try to keep the move from happening. Our guess is that, if the price is right, Loomis and Benson will overlook Foley's recent follies.

Foley for New Orleans :)


Vikings Hall of Famer Paul Krause, with little or no front office experience, wants to be the team's next V.P. of player personnel. (The sad part is that Krause would likely be an upgrade over the guy they just fired.)


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Studwell definetly deserves this job.

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This was in an earlier post on Foley

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Get it right this time, WILF!!!

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