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08-28-2003, 02:04 PM
So the last preseason game approaches and its time for the fringe players to make their last effort for a roster spot. A win would be good to give a sprinboard into the regular season but the main things are that we come out with no injuries and good execution on the plays. This means the following will interesting to watch<BR>
1. Kicking and punting, although Elling & Johnson have the spots and are down as starters, if they have bad games tonight and screw up then they could still find themselves on the waiver wire tomorrow morning.<BR>
2. ST's - these are slowly getting better, particularly punt and kickoff returns. Would be nice to see if we could finally get a threat from those units which has been missing in recent years. Kickoff and punt coverages are still improving but still look as if they could give up the big one at times. So look to see if they play better and save Tillman from bursting anymore veins.<BR>
3. Smith will be getting most carries tonight, and not just short yardage stuff. He needs to show that he does see gaps and in particular look for his pass blocking to see if he picks people up. It's that which has prevented him from starting against GB next week and is something that he needs to get proficient very quickly.<BR>
4. Tice has said that the first teams will be on until they are playing well. In this case it can be said that " less is more " and the quicker they're pulled from the game then the happier Tice will be.<BR>

In all it won't be a classic game, what preseason games are? but it's the chance for any major gaffes to be committed without the final score meaning something.

08-28-2003, 02:04 PM