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Vikes, Raiders... Friday.

Kinda scary even reading that ah. But What do you want out of this game and What do you predict score wise?

I think the Vikings in a game like this against a total NFL power house just have to keep to the Basics. I would be happy if we lost but i saw improvment in Special teams, the Secondary, lol actually the D in general. The offense is alright though. I think the vikings know they can pass quite well and am trying new things with new players trying to see whats going to work come The packers game. The main thing we need to keep pushing is the O Smith/chapman battle, its time for these guys to really step up and take the running game on there shoulders.

Oakland is damm strong all over though, Running on these guys wil be VERY hard, We will prolly be pushed around in that area, also there pass Rush is decent, Daunte will need ot be mobile in the pocket, Moss on Woody will be nice, Moss will find some seperation though and we already know hes a star. Bates, burelson, Cambell you guys gotta show us some stuff now. If we have improved in cutting down Turnovers it will show in this game, Raiders are one of those teams who force them and get alot of INT's, also have a nice Special teams...

On Defense in this game im Scared shitless to tell the truth. Gannon could biff 300 yds left handed in the 1st quarter if he wants. Geeze the old Oakland WR corps on our young shakey Corners should dominate alot, if we keep any of there drives to 3 points i think we should be Happy. 1 Sack all game seems about it from us aswell, there pass Blocking is amazing. Also there Backs should have a Feild Day, Faragas seems Awesome and should run for 100yds ..., All of this is with there no1 offense btw, things will calm down later on...

The one thing that is in our Favour is...

Raiders are old we are young, Raiders No1 team wont need to play long at all, oh boy we do..., We could play a extra 20 mins on them even and thats where we will pick it up...


34-20 Raiders......

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