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03-12-2006, 03:10 PM
"midgensa" wrote:

Nice to see Childress on the up and up :roll:

I thought this whole situation sounded like Daunte was forced out and they were able to make him look like the bad guy through it all ... and this only helps me think that more.

Childress came in with his thoughts about Culpepper ... and then posed with a "meeting" and with Wilf promising the roster bonus while all along knowing he was gonna shop em' and try to get him out. If I was C-Pep I would be pretty pissed too. Not saying he should have went to the media and all ... but with Childress blatantly lying right to Daunte's face about being the "franchise" QB and then shopping him to anyone that would take him ... I can see Pep getting pissed and feeling like "screw you, I'll go public with wanting out and then you won't get pooh for me"

This whole thing has been ugly ... and while I like Childress and am interested in the new era ... I still think the "old" players should be treated with respect ... and Childress nor Wilf have shown any to Culpepper.

I'm still a Culpepper fan & I don't know if it quite went down like this article points out, but there might be something to it. I believe there is more to this story than people know & this just threw more cotroversy into the whole situation.

Something really pissed off DC in that e-mail from the Vikings, that's for sure. We may never know what that was.

IMO Childress didn't want DC in his WCO, but Wilf wanted DC in MN.

Bottom line though is DC no longer wants to be a Viking now & with that said, it's evident the two would never get along & they need to part ways.

Time to move onward, the boats have been burned.