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Following on from last week against the Jags we now have the chance to see what can happen against a potential division winner/ playoff contender from the AFC.<BR>

Points to watch this week, IMO, are as follows:<BR>
1) Further steps to be taken in the running game for the potential starters. Despite Chapman being indicated as being the starter against GB,look to see Smith getting a large amount of carries. He looked good in his short time last week and has further impressed in camp this week. A good game could move him that more up in the coaches view, maybe even take that starting carry on opening day.<BR>

2) Secondary needs to show that it is improving and that they can contribute to improving the D's rankings this year.

3) Special teams need to have a HUGE game this week, not only in terms of production but also that they have got rid of the penalties and mental errors that were evident last week - unless of course they want to see Rusty blow his top again come Monday morning.<BR>

Anyone else have some thoughts

08-16-2003, 01:31 PM