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07-01-2004, 07:24 PM
Brett Favre today announced that he will be closing both locations of his
ever popular Brett Favre's steakhouses. He will be reopening them soon as
Brett Favre's Bakeries... specializing in "turnovers".

The NFL announced today in a press conference that one team from the league
needed to be eliminated. What officials have decided to do is combine the
Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and form one team therefore
saving jobs.

They will be known as the TAMPACKS..... They're only good for one period
have no second string.

What do you call 47 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers

What's the difference between a Packers fan and a baby?

Eventually the baby stops whining.

Wildcard playoff ticket ..... $65.00

Randy Moss replica jersey - $75.00

Round of shots for your pals to celebrate the Vikings victory - $45.00

Mocking some shmuck wearing a Packer hat - priceless

Plane ticket to Hawaii - $475.00

Two-tickets to the Pro-Bowl - $150.00

Two cold beers in warm weather - $12.00

Watching the best players in the NFL play a game and not seeing any helmets
with the letter G - priceless

Football Pool entry fee - $25

NFL Insider Magazine - $4

Side bet with a friend - $20

Not having to see the Packers listed on the playoff bracket - priceless

A Lady in Dallas calls 911. Hysterically, she says, "someone's just broken
into my house, and I think he's going to rape me!"

The police officer says, "I'm sorry, we're really busy at the moment. Just
get the guy's jersey number and we'll get back to you."

1. What do you call a drug ring in Dallas? A huddle

2. Four Dallas Cowboys in a car; who's driving? The police

3. Why can't Michael Irvin get into a huddle on the field anymore? It is a
parole violation for him to associate with known felons.

4. I understand Chicago is trying to sign Michael Irvin. They got rid of
the refrigerator, so now they want a coke machine.

5. The Dallas newspapers reported yesterday that Texas Stadium is going to
take out artificial turf because the Cowboys play better on "grass."

6. The Dallas Cowboys adopted a new "Honor System". Yes, your Honor; No,
your Honor.

7. The Cowboys had a 12 and 5 season last year. 12 arrests, 5 convictions.

8. The Cowboys knew they had to do something for their defense, so they
a new defensive coordinator - Johnny Cochran.

9 How do the Dallas Cowboys spend their first week at spring training?
Studying the Miranda Rights.

10. What's Jerry Jones' biggest concern? Does Bail Money count against
Salary Cap?