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01-13-2006, 05:51 PM
I was just throwing out my Vikings 2005 calendar that had graced my home office this year, before I threw it away I went back through each month to look at the pictures one last time. It was a stark reminder of how much change this team went through this year. I was amazed at how many players who were obviously considered in 2004 to be the pillars of the team (in order to be chosen to be one of 12 players shown on the 2005 calendar) were not involved in the progress of the team this year.

Lets just run through this real quickly.

Jan - Chris Hovan .......... Gone
Feb - Brian Williams ....... Here today gone tomorrow?
Mar - Cory Chavous ...... Present and accounted for (I think?)
Apr - Matt Birk .............. MIA*
May - Moe Williams ........ MIA
Jun - Brian Russell ........ Gone
July - Michael Bennett .... Here today gone tomorrow? (some would say MIA)
Aug - Randy Moss .......... Gone but never forgotten
Sep - Jim Kleinsasser ..... Present and accounted for.
Oct - Onterrio Smith ....... MIA*
Nov - Chris Claiborne ..... Gone
Dec - Daunte Culpepper .. MIA (lets hope not KIA!)

*Are you really MIA if you didnt even see any action?

Pretty stark when you see that. Also interesting what 12 players would you choose right now if you were printing the Vikings new calendar? Kind of strange to think that you might actually be grinding over which month to make Chris Kluwe.

01-13-2006, 06:46 PM
you could move Chavous to "Here today gone tomorrow?"

I think every indication points to Chavous not being a part of this team anymore. With that being said that means out of those 12 guys its looking more and more like only 3 maybe 4 (OS) of them will be a part of the 2006 Vikings team

The more I look at that it makes me realize just how much drama and change this team has been through this year. I am really surprised we were able to put together a winning record. These guys just earned a little more respect from me. There is more change coming and next year should be very interesting. Lets hope with all this change we can continue to grow as a team!