View Full Version : Daunte/Johnson Poll ?

10-31-2005, 06:49 PM
The poll ? was asked if I think the Vikings could win without Culpepper, well like most of you I bleed purple and even if we had Ryan Leaf ( nfl's biggest bust ) I would still give us a chance.

Now whatever happens to Daunte is not going to be good and it's going to suck, but we do still have a very reliable back up in Johnson, with Super Bowl experience and knowledge of when and what to do with the ball, that's no dis to Daunte or anyone else......but now's the time everybody is offically saying our ship is sunk and all of us are suppose to just jump ship. Well who's to say an old Viking faithful, which was are #1 guy along time ago, can't do something no one expects us to....win football games.
Our schedule coming up isn't that tough, so lets try this voting thing again.