View Full Version : Hats off to the Vikes!

12-21-2003, 03:15 AM
Great game today. I didnt get to watch much of it, had sh1t to do. It's been kinda weird. I have had three work related occurences happen over the course of the season. The first was a work related thing I got out of cause it was my birthday and the fam had a dinner. That was the Cincinnati game. :(

The second was a staff retreat, where I watched the game as well but still had something going on that morning. That was Denver :(

Now I couldnt watch the game cause we had an office X-mas party. Our third loss :(

I am telling the boss next week I am not working a single Saturday/ Sunday in January nor do I want to hear anything at all about work when the Chiefs are in the playoffs! Think he will listen? :(

But you have to give it to the Vikes, they started off hot, cooled down a bit but proved today they can play with any team out there! Good luck the rest of the way, and maybe by some act of God we might just meet each other one more time this year! ;) [8D]