View Full Version : Whos to Blame

11-21-2003, 12:45 PM
Whos to blame for the 4 game skid?

I think you have to put a lot of blame on the teams and coaches they have played. They deserve most of it, as they have played way up above previous games. Look at how they have played since we lost to these teams. They are not the same I dont know if they have won very many games since. They certainly have not played nearly as well as they did when playing us. I think they just had great games at the wrong time for us. Our Offense has played well in all the losses. With out the turnovers (which the Raiders D caused) we should have won that game. I think much of the problem is we have no movement or enough shifts on O or D .It makes it very easy to line up against us and know what we are doing. We play to basic a O and D. But the other guys should get the credit for the losses.