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10-16-2005, 10:43 PM
ESPN.com news services
Oct. 16

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf has been advised by the NFL's brass to form his own team security department in the wake of reports of sexual misconduct involving Minnesota players on a charter cruise last week, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports.

Wilf has been in contact with NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue's office all week, sources have told Mortensen, and officials in the commissioner's and league counsel's offices have advised the new owner to form his own security department. The Vikings once had security detail, but it was disbanded by former owner Red McCombs.

Greg Aiello, the NFL vice president of public relations, told ESPN that Tagliabue traveled to Chicago this weekend for a Sunday morning meeting with Wilf before the Vikings' game against the Bears. Tagliabue did not stay for the game.

Wilf also has hired Dag Sohlberg full-time as part of the team's security department. He is a former FBI agent and was an outside security consultant for the league. Wilf also is planning on devoting more attention to the team.

Wilf said on Friday that he had met with players to express his anger and embarrassment over reports of sexual misconduct and vowed to do all he could to prevent further scandals.

In his first comments since the story broke, Wilf said the team will institute a code of conduct that demands "high standards, high morals and success."

In his remarks to players, Wilf said, "I expressed my anger and I expressed my embarrassment, my embarrassment on behalf of my family and for the people who work hard here. … I will hold everyone who is involved responsible for their own actions."

Wilf said the Vikings will cooperate fully with authorities and "levy the appropriate fines, penalties and/or suspensions" as soon as the investigation is complete.

"If there was any sense that we would look the other way regarding this type of behavior, I want to make it extremely clear that this behavior will never be tolerated again," the New Jersey real estate developer said slowly and carefully as he read a statement to reporters.

10-16-2005, 11:14 PM
Each week that goes on I have more and more respect for Zygi Wilf. He is trying to turn this francise around. I think we finally found someone at the top who is committed to this team. They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can get back on top maybe we hit rock bottom this year. I am for once excited about the future of this team because of him. I think he will be able to change this team and create a good name for the vikings.

10-16-2005, 11:29 PM
I agree with you 100%! This season is lost but the Viking organization will be rebuilt to the Bud Grant Era and sooner than you think. We start rebuilding NOW under the direction of Zygi into a first class football organization that we can all be proud of in the future!