View Full Version : Going to the Bears Game!

10-13-2005, 04:59 AM
Well, wish me luck.
I will be traveling to the Windy City (from Phoenix) to see the Vikes/Bears game. I bought two tickets on Ebay two months ago. This will be my 2nd time seeing the Vikings live and uncensored. My first game was an easily-forgetable Vikings/Cardinals game back in 2003. That's right, the very game you see at the top-right of your computer screen.

Against the advice from friends, I will proudly be sporting my Vikings jersey/hat combo. I will do the wise thing and keep my mouth shut until AFTER the Vikings have secured victory (unlike my last game). :cry:

So for the sake of the rest of the Vikings season as well as my personal safety, pray for victory (and for peace on earth).