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05-11-2003, 01:42 PM
"Now, the gap between our offense and our defense is probably closer right now than at any point since I've been here as a coach [beginning in 1996]. When we get the pads on this summer and get into preseason games, we'll see how much it has closed. But it's evident to the naked eye that [the changes] have made our defense better." -Mike Tice

"We have the same concept on defense, but now we have impact players at the positions we needed. The speed has picked up, and guys are more intelligent. You can see the progression. Our defense is going to be a top-10 defense, and I'm not just saying that, either." -Chris Hovan

"Williams has replaced Robbins in passing situations during drills, and he eventually could spell run-stopping left end Kenny Mixon as well. Lyon has shown penetrating ability both at tackle and end, while Claiborne has brought a new athleticism to the Vikings' linebacker core.

"Soon, speedy linebacker Raonall Smith could join the nickel group as well, with Walker, Irvin and Brian Williams providing better coverage in the secondary than the Vikings have seen in years." - Kevin Seifert

I have to say I agree, Our defense is going to be pretty solid this year.