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10-03-2005, 02:26 AM
"luvinthevikes" wrote:

Sure you can bench him. It's pretty obvious he doesn't have it right now. If he can't do the job, we need some one who can. I realize that not all of the incomplete passes are his fault, but if you watched the game again today, you saw him make some really horrible passes. Then the ball just falls from his hand. I think I saw that more than once last year!!! What about the coaching???!!!What about the coaching? I didn't disagree with to many of the calls. I think we should have passed a little bit more but other than that I was pretty pleased. It all comes down to the players executing it in the end though.

Its not all culpeppers fault dude. Its the line, and the receivers and its a lot of things. Benching him would get us nowhere.

If there is any player on this team that can get us out of this slump, it is Daunte.