View Full Version : 2003 NFL Draft is over...

04-27-2003, 07:01 AM
Vikings need a real strong draft this year to improve on a improving team. Ill give them a "strong" at best. The first day i was pretty happy with, Williams is going to be alright and I totally agree on picking up EJ in the 2nd. From here on the i thought the Draft was quite bad...

3rd round we get this WR who could be cut in camp and whos not proven at the top level off college ball even, i diddnt want this guy. We could of Drafted DENNIS WEATHERSBY, im telling you now that he would be our no2 corner this year even after missing some camp, if we diddnt want to take him there was Shit loads of Defense in the 3rd round, im sure we coulda got a starter here. 4Th round damm dennis was still there but a dream if he dropped, we took a RB?, Smith was rated highly and we need a returner, i think we have a god bunch or return men already, Smith is fumbe prone aswell again we Needed to draft Defense here and coulda had a shot at a starter i think. 6th rounders dont bother me at all really, Punter which we needed, 3 stepper though?, Yikes!!, and another WR with the last pick, lots of teams take a WR last.

Those 3rd and 4th rounders should of been defense in my mind though. Corner back, Free Saftey or Defensive End..

I was a little hard on my last grade but with this below average last day in my opnion im giong to stick with my grading of a --- C ----- for the vikings this year. Red wanted 3 Starters outa the Draft, we got you 1 red, sorry.