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03-21-2003, 05:26 AM
ok heres my picks

week 1, Jags @ Vikes = 28-18 vikes..

Yeah first up this new nice looking Jags D wont be in sync and the vikes will still have that winning attidue from the last 3 wins and should get in comfortable here at holme playing not so may reps with the main players. I dont like the Jags Offense at all aswell and our new players should get it done here, nice win VIKES!!!

Top peformer= Daunte culpepper, 320 yds, 2 Tds, 1 INT, 35 rush yds, 1 Rush TD

Week 2, Vikes @ Cheifs= 30-28 vikes

Not a easy place to play at all, Chiefs D will put up some restiance anyway but we should be good for a heap of yards but a few costly TO's will cost us big here. Priest wont play because of the hip and rest so this is the only reason im taking us, preist plays, they win. Chiefs Should still have a nice rythm in offense and will find holes in the Vikings secondary, Gonzo for 100 yds at least in very few reps against our safteys. this wil be the Day our no1 rushing attack comes up big on the grass

Top peformers= Bennet, Williams, chapman- should be good for 200+ total yards and at least 2 scores

Week 3, Vikes @ Raiders= 38-21 raiders...

Oh boy, this is a Tricky game for the guys in purple. Raiders will be mean this year after that super bowl and Gannons numbers may be even better i think, Look for the raiders to use more of a ground game though this year and i, seeing up having trouble stopping ethier in this game in oakland. A few bombs to Jerry porter should rip is us and some nice reps from rice and brown will show up our 2ndy, also i see 1 TD from there special teams or there D aswell. Cullpeper's WR's wont find much room so he will force it to moss for 3 or 4 int's and bennet wont find any room up the middle but still our offense should he good for some big gains. Our Defense could be scary here..

Top peformer= Randy moss, 115 yds, 2 Td's, getting more time as the season gets closer moss will step up in the tough game.

Week 4, Cards @ vikes= Vikes 34-9

If the vikes can contain Shipp and EMMITH SMITH on the ground in this game we should be nice here for a W. Its our turn to score on Defense with a 40 yd Interception return from Willie offord i think but i can see us getting to the QB and putting him down 5 times, mixon 1, Smith 2, Hovan 2, How about HOLIDAY 1 aswell?, we hope!!!. Yeah the vikes will carve up there D aswell for a heap of yds and bennet will run crazy as will all our other big guns playing 40 mins this game.

Top peformer= Randoll smith, 11 Tackles, 2 Pass deflections, 2 sacks

Tice leaves the preason smiling and waiting to Take this winning roll back into the season and deep into the playoffs. Also Devestaing news will appear in Green Bay when Bret Farve has a carrer ending injure when there New Waterboy Trails out to take over There LB hole and brakes Farves hands in a crunching tackle, Packers went 0-4 btw.GO VIKES!!