View Full Version : And the Artic Blast Plot Thickens...

02-17-2003, 02:06 PM
Minnesota investigators are now quoted as saying the investigation is very, very complex... no sh&t Sherlock! Sexual assaults are normally a "She said He said" affair with not much corroborative evidence. If the guy knocks the girl around and leaves physical evidence of assault, then the jury has a better idea of what really happened. But minus bruising, etc, who can say without witnesses? This can be bad for a gal who actually was raped/fondled, etc, but also for the celebrity guy who ends up the target of a gold digger looking for deep pockets and a quick settlement. Bouman's name is now in the press and smeared, though his accuser is anonymous. Some of you say he is a dick, and others claim he is all right. One thing is for certain, he'll always be known as "that Viking who raped the gal at the Artic Blast..."