View Full Version : quotes on last week's game

12-10-2002, 05:36 AM
"I have no life. I will be thinking of one guy this whole offseason. I can't wait until next year." "You ain't the only one," yelled receiver Randy Moss from across the cramped locker room.

"This thing just got a whole lot bigger. I'm waiting on one guy. John Randle-Favre, Warren Sapp-Favre — this just got there."

When asked what he was hit with: "Beer bottles. (Tobacco). Spit. Real good people in Wisconsin, I tell you. Classy people, man.'

“I'll get a piece of him next year.”

"The gall of those Green Bay coaches to even put their hands on me. They were trying to hold me back. That didn't fly with me, either."

"I didn't see much of a brawl, but I don't know how our guys restrained themselves toward the end of the game after what the Packers pulled on a couple of plays. I thought after our guys had another game taken away from them, I thought they handled themselves very well."

About the no-call when Kleinsasser was tackled: "If you can't see that one, hello?"

About Mike McKenzie’s taunting: "It was completely unclassy of them. It was also unclassy by Sharper to try to return that interception. Just take a knee. Somebody hit Randy from the back on that. They did to us what Warren Sapp did to them."

"One thing, I'm going to protect my teammate and my friend. To let somebody do that right in front of you, to someone you care about, you're not much of a man, I don't think.”

About Sharper’s interception return: "If I could have tackled him, I would have hit him real hard."

"Hovan's too big for me. My grandma is going to call me tomorrow, saying she saw me say a bunch of bad words."

“I don't know Chris, I don't know what type of guy he is, he's probably a good guy. I know he's a hell of a football player, I can't knock the guy. From that standpoint I would love to have him on my team.”