View Full Version : Irvin calls out Moss

04-23-2002, 02:09 PM
Did anyone happen to see The Best Damn Sport's Show Period tonight on Fox sports??????? There sat Michael Irvin...no more talent, commentator for the Arena football league...calling out Randy Moss for the comments he made last year. They were discussing baseball and how a certain player made the comment about taking it easy to make sure he lasts all season. Drug addict, I play when I want to play, do what I want to do Irvin, brought up Moss's comments about taking plays off. He basically said that is bu!!sh*t. You play hard for your Qb. He isn't taking plays off. "your team is depending on you. It's your job. Do your job!"

Now while I agree that these guys get paid to do their job and they should be playing wholeheartedly every game and hopefully every down....isn't this the pot calling the kettle black? The guy who got AWAY with it is calling out Moss for saying it out loud. A bad boy pointing a finger at another bad boy following in his footsteps....hmmmmm I'm feelin' WWF. I would REALLY hate for football to turn into that ri-godamn-diculous soap opera! STOP sensationalizing stupid stuff and force these guys to play the back yard game they grew up loving!!! Only PAY for PLAY. Stop it now before we have Vince and Ventura coming on and commentating every damn game like the stupid XFL.