View Full Version : Time for folks to awaken

04-10-2002, 08:14 AM
Well gang its nearly draft time and we have again been busy in the FA market. I see while I was away again that we have now finally got Bates and have also signed Brommel as well. Now that we have a new look D line I now expect that we will not be looking so hard at DTs in the draft and still hope that we get the chance of drafting a decent OT.<BR>
In all things are definitely on the upswing and bodes well for the future. The Vikes are building on the basis of finding solid players who may not have been regular starters, but then again are not being signed on the basis of being cheap. Despite some of the talk that Tice was only brought in by McCombs because he was cheap, he is looking to build up a team that will be a major force in the NFC North if not the NFC. Not all the pieces are there and so we won't be the team of the season - this year - but it is beginning to happen. This year will be a surprise to many but will be the beginning of a return to the teams that the Vikes used to field.<BR>
The future is slowly looking a lot better, and it's still only April ....