View Full Version : OK, now that the pleasantries are over...

03-07-2002, 11:32 AM
It's time to get down to some serious Vikings SMACK!
As a writer about the Vikings in various places, let me say that this year has been fun so far. This offseason has been very entertaining. Let's focus on some issues and I would love your takes on these things...
CRIS CARTER - What was he thinking? he should have stayed put. Now he just seems to want the ring he said he could care less about and he is making his opportunities to play for anyone slimmer and slimmer with his attitude. What gives Cris?
WONG, GRIFFITH, BERGER - There are others but why drag us back through it. We have lost some good players but most of all we have lost some Vikings. As for their play...nothing spectacular. The nucleus is not gone and the Vikings will be contenders without these guys. We need balance and if getting rid of some guys gives us that...we are well on our way. We need more team and less "I" anyway.
TICE - cool guy and I look forward to hearing more from a guy who is not afraid to speak his mind.
McCOMBS - You better not even think about it buddy!
FUTURE - Always bright in March when all there is on TV is basketball. I watch old tapes to remember the good and forget the bad and remind myself that it is a game...