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The Gap
09-26-2005, 01:34 PM
Well a tip of the hat and a harty "CONGRATULATIONS" To the 'Minnesota Vikings'.

Not that I like to toot my own horn but I offer this little nugget from your own "Predictions" thread last week where I wrote:

(Offense breaks out and reacts to embarrassment of last week)

(Road weary and demoralized as reality of no home games sets in)

. . . http://users.esc.net.au/~mapie/smile016.gif Not Too Bad Eh?

New Orleans is this year’s team to get well on "No Home Games" and three weeks on the road coming off a short week. As if they haven't been through enough. But To those who feel the competition cheapens the win I believe it dosen't matter. The important thing is to get that first one under you're belt. The other thing that's essential as you go through a schedule is NOT getting upset by teams your better than and the Vikes made sure that didn't happen. - "Nice Job"!

My one observation is the Purps need to work on their OL especially pass protection but that's do-able. Now you get Mr. Vick and it's a roady for you too. They really aren't all that if you stop him from running it's unlikely he'll beat you with his arm.
I do think it'll be tough for the Norsemen but I'd like to see them get it done, a win over Atlanta would be huge for you and it would help my guys too. If you pull it off I'll be here bowing to your accomplishment.

How's this for next weeks headline "Vikes Violate Vick� ?

PS - Be careful of those pregame sqabbles a little Falcon trick
PSS - Do you guys have an extra Kicker?

09-26-2005, 02:14 PM
you are a trip