View Full Version : Seven 0-2 teams have their work cut out

09-22-2005, 08:32 PM
Here's a link (http://www.profootballweekly.com/PFW/Commentary/Columns/2005/modglin092205.htm) to the article.

Minnesota Vikings

Any positives: Not a lot. Maybe the fact they play in a division that could have a default winner is worth noting.

What's not working: Basically, everything. Where do I begin? I guess it's a good idea to begin with the most visible problem area — that being QB Daunte Culpepper. I figured they'd be OK without Randy Moss, as it would free Culpepper up to scan the field more instead of focusing in on one player to keep his ego happy. But it's clear Culpepper is a shell of his former self, with 10 turnovers in two games.

The offensive line, without C Matt Birk, has not always been in sync, but Culpepper is holding on to the ball too long, not seeing he field and failing to make plays outside of the pocket with his feet. It's as if someone took Ryan Leaf's head and put it on Culpepper's body. Now it looks like he'll be without his top target, Nate Burleson, for a couple weeks.

The running game hasn't fared much better, as Michael Bennett can hardly be relied on.

"Daunte can take us all the way," head coach Mike Tice said, "but there are also a lot of parts to the car that have to be working in sync -- and we've got to get that part corrected."

Defensively, the Vikings are just on the field too much, in large part because of all the turnovers. CB Antoine Winfield has been exposed at times and isn't built to jam bigger receivers at the line, and fellow cover man Fred Smoot was hurt in the preseason and still hasn't rounded into shape. FS Darren Sharper suffered a knee injury last week, and the highly regarded defensive line has yet to make good on its potential.

Upcoming schedule: New Orleans, at Atlanta, bye, at Chicago.