View Full Version : It's worse than I thought!

09-22-2005, 04:46 PM
Don't know if anyone has posted this week's "Power Rankings" but the Vikings are now 31st. The only team below them are the 49'ers.
Gads, who would have thunk, the Packers and Bears and Lions all rated ahead of them!
Here's the link: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/powerRankings

09-22-2005, 04:49 PM
Relax COJOMAY, we will get out of this. This week!!!

09-22-2005, 04:51 PM
Based on their nonexistent offensive performances and questionable D the first two games I would say the rankings are pretty close to reality after week 2. They will work their way back up, no doubt about that.

09-22-2005, 04:51 PM
These things are useless now it's still very early.
They'll get better..........the question is how much. :???:

09-22-2005, 04:56 PM
How are the 49ers below us? They've won.

09-22-2005, 04:59 PM
It's actually about right. I'm not quite sure I wouldn't put them BELOW the 49'ers. Hell, they at least got a win under their belts.

Let's hope that the team sees these rankings (you know they do) and uses it as a tool to motivate themselves and actually play like a team picked by some to win some ballgames. :smile:

09-22-2005, 05:03 PM
They way we have played, we do look like a top 3 draft pick team. The Saints going in the road for the 3rd straight week should be just what we need.

09-22-2005, 05:37 PM
Based on the first 2 games, the 49ers should definitely be ahead of us, and the Texans are the only one you could argue should be below us.

09-22-2005, 05:45 PM
It's okay cojomay, there's supposed to be a crack in your butt.

09-22-2005, 05:51 PM
I like this one better...26th! Yeah! :razz: