View Full Version : Fantastic Game!!

09-19-2005, 06:31 PM
So in short the game was fantastic…. if you’re a Bengals fan, and pathetic if you’re a Vikes fan, which I am.

So when I watched this pathetic mess I thought about all the pre-game hype I’ve read from PPO and how much we all get prepared for the game, up at dawn, prepare the eats, buy the beer, throw the dog outside, send the wife shopping, turn the phone off, get out the stuffed Viking bear and put on the jersey/tee of the day. If only the Vike’s had also prepared.

We talked here on PPO about strategy and many of us agreed a short passing game would be a great start. Tice doesn’t read PPO apparently because I didn’t see much of a game plan of any sort. Fumbles and INTs aren’t a game plan.

I used to be a Bennet fan, in fact I have his jersey, but I’m ready to paint in it now and change the oil in my car. As for CPep, I’m seeing the same meltdown he had a couple years back. No confidence and loss of attention to the basics. If this is truly HIS team now he needs to turn his play around before the next game. One of the announcers said that Pep’s seeing different defenses now since Moss left. Well I don’t buy it. I think after 6 years in the NFL you’ve seen enough varied defenses. That’s no excuse.

I’d bet this is Tice’s last year as the Vikes coach unless he works a miracle and wins the next 8 in a row. Wilf’s got too much invested to waste time on fumbles and INTs. Tice is where the buck stops and if he can’t git-r-done, Wilf will.