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09-19-2005, 02:09 PM
I was sooooo disapppointed in the Vikings and I don't think anybody could have predicted this start. Having said that some people killed me on this board for not putting complete faith in Daunte. I think now you guys can see why I was hesitant to put complete faith in Daunte, he needs to be consistent and we don't know how he will be without Moss and Linehan. All I am saying is that I want the Vikes to be great but I am not and was not sure daunte is a great decision maker. He has all the physical tools but I am still not sure about his mental abilities as a QB. I still think we can turn the season around but HE HAS TO LEAD THIS TEAM AND BE SMART WITH THE FOOTBALL. I have a feeling we are not going to lose this week. :lol:

Del Rio
09-19-2005, 02:24 PM
I knew Culpepper was not a HOF QB at this point in his career, he has too much to improve on. His play has been poor that is for sure but a meltdown to this level? A meltdown of the entire team offense, defense. Every position?

The point is
This is a coaching problem........if it's not a good coaching staff would make it their problem.

All offseason I sat through this garbage about now Cottrell has who he needs, now the team has better players, lets dump so and so because ESPN says they suck, lets get so and so because they are a hard hitter. To me more then anything this is just a prime example of football.

It is a team sport and just throwing so called better talent at a problem is just going to embarass yourself. I know for a fact that good coaches can make underachieving players champions, but good players cannot make a bad coach a champion.

This team has no direction, I cannot expect Culpepper to take control of an entire team when his backbone (coaching staff) is weak. Not making excuses for his play, but this is a major meltdown I'm not resting it on his shoulders.

09-19-2005, 04:05 PM
Del Rio - I agree with you , football above all else is a team sport. And I agree that coaching is the problem too. I like to give a coach at least three years and I liked Tice so I gave him four. But I have been saying since last year that he is a players coach and they don't win championships. The players don't have the mental toughness under a coach like Tice to reach down and refuse to lose. They also make mental errors and in the playoffs where four or five plays are the difference that is a formula for losing. Now he needs to go!!! As for Culpepper, he gets the glory when things are going right and he is going to get the blame when they go bad. That is the nature of the beast, you can't have it both ways. Culpepper in these two games has made some horrible decisions and throws. Some INTs are not his fault but some are, he is fumbling again too. He is going to have to turn things around and play like last year or this team is going down in flames!!