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09-02-2005, 08:46 PM
53 man roster, 5 more can be signed to the practice squad if they clear waivers.

QB - 3: Culpepper, Johnson, Hill.
No surprises here

RB - 5: Bennett, Moore, Williams, Fason. On the bubble: Echimandu, Wallace, RaShard Lee

I think Echimandu has the edge over Wallace and should make the roster, unless Lee really shows something returning kicks or running the ball tonight. One of the bubble guys might make the practice squad if they are eligible, given the fragility of the Vikings backs. There is also a possibility that the Vikings keep 6 RBs if they keep either Echimandu or Wallace, and keep Lee primarily as a kick returner.

WR - 6: Burleson, Taylor, Robinson, Williamson, Campbell. On the bubble: Howry, Hoag. Likely cuts: Hosack, Chris Jones

Vikes may only keep 5 WRs. Tice allegedly said that Campbell will make the roster. Howry has been nondescript in his Vikings career. I think Hoag makes it if they keep 6. I haven't heard a peep about Hosack in preseason; I think he's hurt.

OL - 8: McKinnie, Liewienski, Withrow, Johnson, Rosenthal, Goldberg, Dorsey, Herrera. Likely cuts: Newton, Snell, Jahnke

Vikes might keep 9 here. Not sure who of the three likely cuts have looked good or have the best versatility or upside. Probaby one of these guys makes the practice squad.

TE - 4: Kleinsasser, Wiggins. On the bubble: Berton, Owens, Angulo, Dugan. Likely cut: Cotrell

Despite his fragility, I suspect Angulo makes the team as Wiggins backup. His size as a receiver is just too intriguing. I think Owens get cut and signed to the practice squad (I heard he was still eligible). As for the blocking TE backup, I think Berton's receiving skills probably gets him the 4th spot over Dugan.

ST - 3: Edinger, Bennett, Loeffler (long snapper). Likely cuts: Elling, Dorsch.

Elling's injury and Edinger's great performance last week eliminated any chance Elling had, unless Edinger really stinks up the joint tonight. Bennett hasn't really won the punting job, but Dorsch hasn't stepped up to overtake him either. Bennett's an old pro who I think still has life left in his leg, so the Vikes go with experience.

DE - 4: Udeze, Scott, James, Johnstone. Likely cuts: Cochran

No surprises here.

DT - 4: Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, S. Johnson. On the bubble: Martin, Mosely. Likely cut: Mitrione

If the Vikings think they can slip Mosely through the waiver wire, I think they'll cut him and sign him to the practice squad. Otherwise, the veteran Martin may get the axe here. One of the guys would be a natural backup to Pat Williams NT spot, but I think Scott offers enough flexibility that the Vikings might keep the rook and cut the vet. I think Mitrione has impressed in preseason and is another possible practice squad candidate, especially if Mosely makes the roster.

LB - 7: Henderson, Cowart, Harris, Newman, Davis, Thomas. On the bubble: Smith, Farwell.

Smith played too well last season (when he was healthy) for me to think the Vikings give up on him now. Farwell will probably be cut and signed to the practice squad.

CB - 5: Winfield, Smoot, B. Williams, Brown. On the bubble: Gallishaw, Ward. Likely cuts: Hunter, Edwards, Dozier.

Gallishaw has impressed in camp, and I think he makes the team. Ward hasn't looked bad either, but not as good as Gallishaw. I think Ward gets cut and signed to the practice squad.

S - 4: Chavous, Sharper, Irvin, Offord.

I think all are locks, unless Irvin's injury is so serious that he can't play effectively. If that's the case, Irvin and his salary might get cut with Brian Williams moving to dimeback/backup safety, and then Gallishaw or Ward makes the roster for certain.

So the real "wild cards" as I see them are how many RBs (5 or 6), WRs (5 or 6), OLs (8 or 9), LBs (6 or 7) and CBs (4 or 5) make the final roster. My guess is that Echimandu, Hoag, Raonall Smith, and Laroni Gallishaw all make the final roster, and the practice squad will have Adrian Ward, CJ Mosely, Brandon Newton, Matt Mitrione, and Heath Farwell.

09-02-2005, 08:55 PM
Good Post!!! It is nice to see it broken down like that.

SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-02-2005, 09:16 PM
Great breakdown, purplepat!!! Good to see you back and in fine form just in time for the regular season!!! You have just earned yourself a roster spot on the PPO team...and I am pretty sure that you will see plenty of playing time when the regular season starts!


09-02-2005, 09:20 PM
Nice post. Though I do believe we will be forced to go with 6 RBs considering that both Bennett and Moore are well.. sort of injury prone and considering Fason.. though a quick healer hasnt been injury free in the 4 pre-season games as well!

Del Rio
09-02-2005, 09:20 PM
Matt Mitrione will make the team I think. Unless his health is in question.

09-02-2005, 09:50 PM
I hope we keep Echmadu--whatever :lol: that RB with the weird name. I like him.

09-02-2005, 10:04 PM
I just read on another site that the practice squad has been expanded to eight players. If that is the case, then I think Owens, QB Bowenkamp, and either a RB (if any are PS eligible) or another OL will be the likely candidates.