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08-22-2005, 05:02 PM
Hey All,

I want to write this bit first so to stop people skipping all this writing and reading my review then blowing there nut. This is my review so the picks and opinions I made are mine so don’t get all heated if you think I made a call on your team which you don’t like. There’s a good chance im wrong and I don’t care at all if I am. Although I do study FF quite a bit and have won a couple of big time leagues and also written articles on Fantasy Football sites so my picks aren’t to airy fairy. Since this league is so huge and has a few different rules(8 team divisions etc) I haven’t spent that long in writing up a bit of splash for each team hence these predictions could be way off.

I’ve been playing Fantasy football for a while now and do take it more seriously than most, Untill this year Ive only played in leagues with entry fees since those leagues are always taken a bit more serious and have more involvement. In those leagues every year we all write up reviews and other stuff about the draft straight after it. It gives us a stuff to talk and argue about before the season starts, gives us a chance to get to know each other in the league and a chance to see what other guys have on there teams and how they view fantasy football. It’s also a bit of fun and a test for me as I can come back and look at these posts when the seasons over and compare it to how it actually panned out.

Anyway the main aim off all this is to help out the rookies and the newer guys who are a bit lost with there drafting and team selections. Hopefully these reviews will increase there involvement in the league and everyone else’s which will make us all better FF players for some real heated and big years of FF to come at purple pride.


08-22-2005, 05:03 PM

And in Order From best to Worst..

1. Hawaiian 21

Best pick- Branch, Deion NEP WR 13.08
Worst pick- Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def 7.08

Ha, a Campaigner on the msg boards and by the looks of it the only Campaigner FF player in this division. You’re the only guy who took the conventinal approach to a FF draft and it got you’re the returns. Great great first 6 rounds, maybe a tad of a reach for Collins but hey some see him as being real real high, top 3 even and that’s fair enough. You got maybe the best RB combo you could in this league which rewards receptions and those 2 are as solid as rocks. Farve and Collins you can play matchups with but Kerry will start most the time. Branch, Owens, Johnson as your WR's with Porter to add in if all the hypes true plus a TE that will prolly lead all TE's in receptions when we get rewarded for it. Top it all off you got the best PK and DT, nice one and enjoy your easy road to the playoffs!

2. Vs Attack Squad

Best pick- Jones, Kevin DET RB (wow)
Worst pick-Patriots, New England NEP Def

Yea 3 QB's you will have tough times deciding over. Love those RB's, boy Jones goes 68th!! Ive seen him go 8th! That’s a huge pick and he’s going to be adding some serious points to your tally this year. Two great WR’s don’t know who your 3rd is though, wont matter on most weeks with the other 2 making up more than the slack. Nice TE/PK/DT. Playoff bound.

3. Webby

Best pick- Westbrook, Brian PHI RB 7.02(but portis was still there?)
Worst pick- Mcnabb, not a horrible pick but still a reach.

Got SA which will set him up solid for the season. Ha, who knows if that no2 overall pick was random though? Nah overall a not bad team with great depth all over. The thing is in a 8 team draft you should have more solid players than this, your going to have real tough game time calls every week, if you get them right you will make the playoffs, if not you could loose the thing. The thing about FF is you don’t know what will happen and security is the way to go. Who knows you may have looked at the schedule really deep(I haven’t as yet) and found whose got all the matchups each week, because your going to get some good ones with all those players.


Best pick- Portis, Clinton WAS RB 6.03
Worst pick- C Pep at 1.06

If you didn’t pull off that Portis 6 round magic your season mighta looked quite a bit duller. The Portis pick totally makes up for the huge reach for no11 in the first round and gives you 4 very similar but 4 RB’s I like this year In this league, nice one. Those WR’s are prolly worthy of a B grade while the rest of your lineup push’s for the B+. Overall this teams going to hit its average most weeks as it’s solid and should push for the playoffs, good one.

5. PA souls

Best pick- Stokley, Brandon IND WR 15.07
Worst pick-Tie, Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def 4.02, Johnson, Rudi CIN RB 1.07( ah?)

Man you made some mistakes. This draft looks like it came from a guy who picks with his heart before his head or just a rookie. Anyway you 2 RB’s really don’t suit this leagues scoring well and you took them both early and vice versa with your WR’s actually. You actually still may have a decent team and a shot at the playoffs but you will get blown out some weeks and going by your draft you will prolly make the wrong decisions a lot of weeks. Good Luck man.

6. Da vikes

Best pick- Ward, Hines PIT WR 5.05(it’s not even a steal, just the most solid pick u made)
Worst pick-Bennett, Michael MIN RB 3.05(eeekk, I knew someone would do that)

Alright bro what have we got? Not 1 RB that’s proved anything in his career yet (don’t RB’s win fantasy football comps?). A couple of iffy QB’s taken early but I like the idea of taking palmer. A couple of nice WR’s who will get reception points and a youngster to choose from for no3 and the rest is average.

7. Widow makers

Worst pick- Manning, Peyton IND QB 1.03
Best pick- Moulds, Eric BUF WR 12.06

Always happens, Take a WR or QB in the first and your RB’s suck which usually ends in an up and down scoring season. You have horrible RB’s and not enough, everyone should have 4 I reckon. The rest of your team is very very young and who knows what’s going to happen with them. Sorry mate I think you’re going to struggle.

8. Anglo

Best pick- Coles, Laveranues NYJ WR 11.01
Worst pick- Givens, David NEP WR 5.01

That Worst pick could blow up in my face, someone’s got to catch the balls in NE since they lost Patten and browns skills. Givens has the skills but this always happens in NE and it’s always the same, disappointment. Too many different guys step up each week on that team. Anyway that’s only 1 pick. Angelo what have you done? You being distracted by the start of the premiership or Flintoff launching missiles on Australia? Your teams a mess. Its funny actually the 3rd RB is better than your 2nd and your 3rd WR is better than your 2nd. Looks like you drafted with particular players in mind but that mind must be playing games on you ever since those lions landed in NZ.

08-22-2005, 05:09 PM
Oh yeah, forgot.

Yes i will do all the other divsions, theres like 5 so it will take a day or 2 but ill do em and post em on different threads so each divsion has a place to talk smack in.

08-22-2005, 10:47 PM
I'll make sure I consult you prior to next years draft.

I'll take the smack from my division opponents. I quit the league at work after 8 years of people telling me my team was not good. 4 Super Bowl wins in 8 years isn't too shabby. I am in it for fun and comraderie...and to beat the pants off webby! :razz:

You'd better go undefeated too.

08-22-2005, 10:52 PM
Do Fatman Farve's league next!

Del Rio
08-22-2005, 10:57 PM
Definately going with the if you don't get a RB with your #1 pick you lose philosophy.

The value you are attaching to these picks weighs heavily on when they were drafted correct? Not really the overall quality but more the quality that you managed to snag so late in the draft.

08-22-2005, 11:29 PM
"fred3105" wrote:

Do Fatman Farve's league next!

Yeah! Even though I know he is going to trash my team... :cry:

08-22-2005, 11:50 PM
Do Marshall next. LOL j/k whenevr you want to works. Cool idea.

08-22-2005, 11:54 PM
Good review! And yes...do Fatboy Favre next!

08-22-2005, 11:58 PM
"ltrey33" wrote:

Good review! And yes...do Fatboy Favre next!

:lol: you got a title. Did I miss this or is this new? PP.O jedi trainer.. :lol:

08-23-2005, 12:12 AM
Whoa! I did get a title! Awesome! That's new PPE....sweet!!!

08-23-2005, 12:44 AM
Pretty good reviews, but nzviking, I don't think you realized that we only start 2 wr's, not 3 like on yahoo.

08-23-2005, 02:14 AM
"canadian_vikes_fan" wrote:

Pretty good reviews, but nzviking, I don't think you realized that we only start 2 wr's, not 3 like on yahoo.

Yah that is a pretty important fact :).

08-23-2005, 02:44 AM
I decided to throw in my two cents on this league. Keep in mind, I really enjoy fantasy football and have played for several years, but I'm far from an expert.

1. Vikings Spirit - Best Pick - Randy Moss (3rd rd)
- Worst Pick - Priest Holmes (4th overall)
- Proven players all the way through your lineup. Bulger always does better than I think he really should, and Brady is always a solid backup option. Your running backs have excellent depth, and I think Davis is going to be a monster this year. I'm not to sure about Holmes, whether he'll be able to pick it up again this year, or if age and injuries have finally caught up with him. Very good crop of WR's, with Moss and Johnson being ready for wonderful years in my mind.

2. Hawaiian Vikes - Best Pick - Tatum Bell (9th rd)
- Worst Pick - Adam Vinateiri (8th rd)
- Solid team overall, you have excellent depth in your RB's and WR's, I could see you running into problems with your QB's. I am not convinced that Kerry Collins is a top fantasy QB, but all across you lineup you have guys that are poised to break out, like Bell, Evans, and Porter. You also have the best K and DEF, but I feel that they both went higher than they shoud've, but considering your depth everywhere, that wasn't a problem.

3. Webby - Best Pick - Westbrook (7th rd)
- Worst Pick - Green (3rd rd)
- Pretty good starters all across your lineup. McNabb will do well, and so will Alexander and Westbrook (I think Westbrook is better than Green). And Horn and Bennett will be fine for you receivers. And of course Tony Gonzalez will have another all-Pro season. So overall, a very good team.

4. PA Soul - Best Pick - Stokley (15th rd)
- Worst Pick - Rudi Johnson (7th overall)
- Not a bad team at all. Trent Green is certainly not a top 5 or 10 QB talent-wise, but he's consistently able to put up the numbers in KC. Although Johnson is a big reach, he is definitely capable of putting up some good numbers, as is Dillion. I really like the pick of Wayne in the 5th rd, and Stokley was a big steal in the 15th. But I'm not a fan of Darrell Jackson or Donald Driver, and I don't see them being very good fantasy players this year. If Antonio Gates actually plays, he will give you a big advantage over other teams, but he was somewhat of a reach in the 3rd rd, when other guys like Witten fell into the 5th.

5. (tie) USDA - Best Pick - Portis (6th rd)
- Worst Pick - Drew Brees (4th rd)
- You've got two good RB's in Barber and Portis, but little depth behind them during byes or if either of them get injured. I question your move of taking a good backup QB behind Culpepper (who is one of the biggest sure-things in ff this year) before taking another starting RB or receiver. Once again, Holt will have a good year and Clayton will hopefully build on his big rookie year. And I like some of your backup sthere, with Chambers in the 13th rd, and Burress in the 14th. I also feel that Todd Heap was a big reach in the 5th rd (and ahead of Jason Witten?).

5. (tie) Ultra - Best Pick - Eric Moulds (12th rd)
- Worst Pick - Steven Jackson (3rd rd)
- I disagree with nzviking with your first pick. I personally would've taken a RB, but there is nothing wrong with Peyton. He will surely lead all players in points IMO. Lots of people would have taken him first overall, and at third he is a solid choice. Your second and third round picks were both reaches though. Lewis is off-and-on, but he is in an offence that revolves around him, so you can never count him out. And he's always capable of breaking a 200 yd game. Jackson could prove me wrong, but I'm not entirely convinced that he's ready to be a premier RB yet. I would have gone with a safer choice like Portis, but he could end up having a monster year and prove me wrong. Your WR's are also iffy. Burleson is very good and will have a good year, but I'm not sure he was worth a 5th rd pick. Walker will still do well as long as Favre throws the ball to him and not the other team. Roy Williams has a ton of talent and has the ability to get a ton of points, but its going to be interesting to see how he splits time with Mike Williams and Charles Rogers. But Moulds could end up being a steal in the 12th rd.

7. Da Vikes - Best Pick - Marvin Harrison (4th rd)
- Worst Pick - Michael Bennett (3rd rd)
- Willis McGahee will have a solid year in the yound Bills offence. Look for him to struggle early but then improve as the year goes on as the Bills offence grows more comfortable. But your number 2 back is Michael Bennett. I personally think it will be a miracle if he is still starting midseason. But even if you disagree with that and think he is magically going to return to his Pro Bowl year, you still could've gotten him much later and picked up Clinton Portis or Brian Westbrook instead in the 3rd rd. Your weak #2 RB situation is going to put a lot of pressure on Ron Mexico to perform to eake out wins for you. I don't see that happening much. The Falcons team is very good, and Vick is exciting, but he is not all that good fantasy wise. He gets huge games, and then disappears for a few weeks. However, you do have two solid WR's in Harrison and Ward so that should help you.

8. Anglo - Best Pick - Kurt Warner (13th rd)
- Worst Pick - Drew Bledsoe (6th rd)
- LT is going to have a great year. He will get tons of TD's and he will get yards rushing and receiving. But you're supporting cast around him is very weak. Lamont Jordan is very unproven and could end up having a good year, but he could've been picked up around the 6th or 7th rounds. Julius Jones could end up having a very good year, and I would start him instead of Jordan. At WR, you have more risky picks. Boldin was injured all of last year and now has to split time with Fitzgerald. And as nzviking pointed out, New England receivers don't usually put up good fantasy numbers (you don't even know how long Givens can even stay on the offensive side of the ball). And your QB situation is a mess. Bledsoe hasn't done anything in a couple years, and he has a weak supporting cast in Dallas. Remember what Vinny Testaverde did last year? Kyle Boller and Kurt Warner both have potential to have good year, but they are both far away from sure things.

08-23-2005, 03:02 AM
Doesn't matter when y'all get smoked....all this rating and prognosticating.... lol

See ya when I stomp ya!

08-23-2005, 03:07 AM
Uh oh, Webby is talkin trash!

08-23-2005, 03:26 AM
Man, i straight away assumed this was a 3 WR setup.

08-23-2005, 03:47 AM
"ltrey33" wrote:

Uh oh, Webby is talkin trash!

Yah, talking so much trash he had to put me in the other division :).

08-23-2005, 09:11 AM
Well thanks for the comments NZ and Canadian - always willing to hear others opinions and, as I have another couple of FF drafts coming up, it will at least make me go back and look over my pre-drafts again for those.
I'll agree with Del Rio that taking anything other than RB in the first round can hurt you - thats from experience last year !
One thing in my favour is that I have Webby and Ultra in my division, so I'll be good for two wins at least :twisted: