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08-19-2005, 07:48 PM
Pretty good acticle about Tice:


Let's hope the Big Lug has a good enough season to retain his job
(which means we at least go to the NFC Championship this year).

08-19-2005, 08:32 PM
Decent read. Pretty much sums him up as a very likable guy, but hasn't proven himself as a head coach yet.

Per earlier threads on weakness for the Vikes this year, the lowest paid coaching staff still concerns me the most.

Hopefully this writer is correct and that finally Tice has the team that he put together and will prove everybody that he is a good head NFL coach.

What up with the Dancing Queen thing :naka: . I guess when your 6-8 and 300 plus you can admit to that?

08-19-2005, 08:38 PM
Definitely a good article, especially about the off field side of Tice. I wouldn't bet against him this year. Thanks.

08-19-2005, 10:02 PM
Enjoyed the article. I never had a problem with Mike Tice the nice guy, I still think he is the current weakest link on the team. We got rid of Redneck, got rid of some cancers, and are left with Tice as the weakest link. I hope his link is stronger than I think, at least I know it's not rusty.

08-19-2005, 10:06 PM
Those poor interns. They must have been so scared! :lol:

08-20-2005, 07:42 AM
i think all the vikes fans are 50-50 on tice, i myself really like him and im sure all the players do because he is after all a huge players coach, but he has done some things that made me ask myself why he still is our head coach

08-20-2005, 08:03 AM
With Zygi on board, how come we haven't filled out our coaching staff to typical NFL levels. I mean...why is Loney given the job of being offensive coordinator AND offensive line coach??? Clearly, the latter group is struggling so far in camp and in preseason games. Why can't they pay to have an actual full-time O-line coach?

08-20-2005, 09:42 AM
i was wondering that too but im sure after this season zygi will have it all fixed up, i was questioning the move at first but i like what loney has done so far at OC