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01-22-2004, 06:21 PM
Now that the offseason is upon us, I feel it is time to put out my 2004 vision for the Minnesota Vikings football club.
After our most recent cave, I have noticed that we don't have alot to improve on to become a dominant team. We have five main issues to address. One-Coaching decisions. Two-Improving the Defense. Three-The mental game. Four-A stadium. Five-Our used car salesman owner, Red McCombs.
Our first and most pressing issue, coaching decisions on the field. As we all noticed, there was a high amount of questionable playcalling this season. First off, we had the Rams game. What was with the fake field goal on fourth and five? I know our kicking game was bad, but come on. Elling would have made that field goal. That play was a momentum killer for us, and I thought we would have won the game if we made that field goal. Second off, the Bears game. Many Vikings loyal questioned the conservative playcalling that went on that game. I didn't get it. And, we were plagued by yet again going for it on a 4th down instead of taking the field goal. Elling would have made this field goal too. And, we would have bought the game into overtime at the least. And, I question why we didn't use Moss that game. I don't care that we were outdoors, I don't care that we were on the road, I don't care that it was cold out. The guy is our STAR PLAYER. He is the guy that wins us games. I honestly don't get why we didn't take deep shots to Moss throughout that game. If we would have, he would have probably came up with a touchdown, and that would have won us the game. Now, to the pinnacle of bad Vikings playcalling. The Arizona Cardinals game that knocked us out of the playoffs. Now, I'm not taking about going for the fourth and one at the one yard line. I personally loved that call, and I feel that would have shifted the momentum to us permenatly, and we would have routed the Cardinals. But, I do question all the draw plays, the runs, and screens. Come on. Our game plan should have been "come out on all cylinders". But no, the game plan was "come out on no cylinders and run the ball". For christ's sake, we have RANDY MOSS on our team. Do I need to stress that more? RANDY MOSS! THE best reciver in the game, possibly one of the greatest ever! Why not give him the ball? I have no idea why we didn't give the ball to Moss. Instead, we gave the ball to good ol' Moe Williams, and got NOWHERE in the first half. But, we lost because of bad playcalling. Damn. On to the next Vikings issue.
Good ol' Vikings defense, YOU AIN'T GOT NOTHIN (god I love that Snickers commercial.....)! Of course our defense has nothing! We led the league in interceptions. We led the leauge in defensive yardage. We led the league in yards and points given up in the last four weeks! Sounds like a good defense, dosen't it? Nope. This defense is crap when it comes to the Vikings! Now, the defense did improve vastly over the pathetic 2002 Vikings defense. But, we still sucked. Look at some of our losses. 42 points given up to the Chargers? COME ON! 48 points to the Rams? I know they have a very good offense, but COME ON! This is getting ridiculous. And, take a look at how bad they played during our losses, they sucked.
But, we do have a hope. Free agency. This year, we have twenty million dollars of cap space, and this is the best year for free agent corners in recent memory. There are names like Champ Bailey, Troy Vincent, and Charles Woodson on the free agent wire. These are men we need to pursue with all we've got, men that can make our team better. All we need is one, and we will have vastly improved our defense. Our other pressing need on defense is Defensive end. This is also a good year for a defensive end on the free agent market. There are big names out there that we need to pursue! And, we could draft one too. I've read some mock drafts that have Ohio State's all-american, Will Smith, falling to OUR pick! Wouldn't that be awesome? So, my whole point is that we only need two key players to have a respectable defense. So, onto our third issue, the mental game.
Did you ever see the Vikings offense lead a comeback drive when they were down? Nope. We choked every time. And, that's all mental, but it can be worked on. This includes Elling choking on field goals, the offense making comeback drives, and the defense making big stops. All we need to do to improve the kicking game is instill confidince in Elling. The guy's got a leg, he's just not very confident. All we need to do to get our offense to make game winning drives is instill confidince in Daunte. He looks like a completely different quarterback on drives we need to win the game. All we need to do to have the defense make big stops is get some key free agents on the defense. This will all fall on Tice's shoulders. Make something happen. Now, onto the all important stadium issue.
The stadium. The threat to move to Los Angeles. All crucial issues when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings. If we don't get a stadium, we move. Plain and simple. And we don't want to move. We need to get this off the ground, or McCombs will end up selling and moving the team to LA. And, if this happens, we're screwed, plain and simple. The NFL needs to realize that LA is NOT a sucessful football market. Did the Rams work? Nope. Did the Raiders work? Nope. Will the Vikes work if they move them? Nope. We need to do something like Twins fans did when it came to contratction. If we do that, we will not get moved. And, the state will move the Vikings up to number one priorty for a stadium (which they should have). So, the point here is that we need to get the ball rolling now, or we will not see football in Minnesota soon. And that can't happen. Now, on to the final issue......
RED! Our moron owner who only cares about money! All of the improvments we need to make revolve around the owner, and if he dosen't put the money into the team, we go nowhere. He sadly will be the one dictating how our next season will go. And I don't like that thought alot. But, as long as he puts the money into the team, we will win games. And we can all agree on this. So, the whole point here is that if McCombs dosen't put money into the team, we lose. If he puts money in, we win. That simple.
So, the five main points we need to improve on this year: One-Improve playcalling. Two-Improve the defense throught free agency and the draft. Three-Improve the mental game. Four-Get a stadium. Five-Red has to put money into the team. All of these will lead to a sucessful Vikings team next year, and will lead to the Vikings staying in Minnesota for years to come.


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